2015 Season Preview & Special Announcement



Hit the jump for our 2015 preview and predictions.


Holy shit that was a long ass summer. Are you glad it’s over? Your humble editor’s Irish ass certainly is.

For our first post back, we’ll be walking through the 2015 in depth and explaining how Tech matches up with each opponent….

BAH! Just kidding! We’ll have a pithy remark for each one. It’s all they deserve anyways.


But first, an important announcement:

Your humble editor is retiring at the end of this season.

Yes, the NEZ has fully funded my pension and I can now retire to a sunny island in the Caribbean.

…or keep working at my real job that pays me real money in New Jersey.

But 2015 will be my last season at the helm of the North Endzone.

It’s not so much that I don’t have time to blog; it’s that I don’t have time to make a quality blog.

Obviously, we don’t do shit in the way of research for pretty much anything we post. But to make quality posts (or what we would consider quality posts), we should at least have a good understanding of the college football landscape and follow everything happening on the Hokies. This is where I’m finding myself falling short.

I just don’t have the time to follow everything, and as a result, I don’t think I am able to put out quality, profanity-laced tirades.

And putting out sub-par content (well… even subber sub-par content) just isn’t an option for me.

So with that, I’ll be doing my best to go out with a bang this year. Which shouldn’t be hard since, as you will read in our following preview, it’s going to be a pretty special year.

On to the season!


Let’s start with a quick overview of the team:

Defense is going to be great.

Offense is going to be a shitshow.



Game 1: Ohio State


Last year, everyone said we didn’t have a chance.

This year, everyone says we don’t have a chance.

Obviously, actual NEZ style preview will be forthcoming, but clearly, we’re winning this shit.

Hokies win 27 – 24

Game 2: Furman

No one knows Furman’s mascot, but if they’re not the Fur-men, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

Hokies win a million to 3.

fur sure

Game 3: at Purdue

Rumors say that Purdue is actually still in the Big Ten. NEZ staff have been unable to confirm.

Fun fact: Purdue hasn’t had a 10 win season since 1979!!

Hokies win 57 – 6

Game 4: at East Carolina


Hokies win 30 – 14

Game 5: Pittsburgh

Our joke of a conference schedule starts with Pittsburgh, a joke of college football program.

Hokies win 21 – 13

Game 6: NC State

Tech hasn’t played the Wolfpack since 2010. We’re in the same conference the same way Andy Dalton is a “Pro Bowl Quarterback”.

It’s technically true, but come on.

Hokies win 17 – 14

Game 7: at Miami


Last year, Duke Johnson rushed for 249 yards. Miami’s second string Gus Edwards rushed for 117. Even Gus Edwards was like “Wow really? Gus Edwards sucks.”

This year goes differently…. mainly because Johnson is in the NFL and Edwards is out for the year.

Hokies win 28 – 21

Game 8: Duke


Tech beat 2 ranked teams last year: Ohio State and Duke. Last season was weird, to say the least.

Hokies win 23 – 9

Game 9: at Boston College


Outside of UVA, beating Boston College may be the most satisfying victory each year. I don’t know why. Probably just residual hate of Boston in general.

Hokies win 31 – 13

Game 10: at Georgia Tech

F*ck Paul Johnson.

Hokies win 24 – 17

Game 11: North Carolina


Is North Carolina STILL allowed to field a team? How do individual players get suspended for accepting meals from friends, but this joke of an athletic department is still be-bopping along.

Hokies win 27 – 12

Game 12: at Virginia


Is it going to be 12 years in a row?

It’s going to be 12 years in a row

Hokies win 100 – 6

ACC Championship vs. Florida State

Hokies take over Charlotte as we retake our rightful place atop the Coastal.

Mocking Seminole chops are heard starting midway through the 3rd quarter and don’t stop for weeks.

Hokies win 38 – 12

College Football Playoff – Semi Finals vs. Ohio State

The only team with an easier schedule after Labor Day than Tech is Ohio State. They roll through the Big Ten, get the #4 seed, and meet up for a rematch with the Hokies.

We remind the Buckeyes who owns the state of Ohio.

Hokies win 24 – 21

College Football Playoff – Championship vs. Alabama

With the entire country rooting for us, Hokies deliver on their perfect season and bring a National Championship to that stupid empty trophy case they setup 15 years ago.

Hokies win 30 – 24


And there you have it.

As a thank you for your humble editor’s years of support / anger, the Hokies send us out on top.

Note: Above predictions may vary.