Game 2: Ohio State

This week we travel to Ohio, the state that even Indiana makes fun of. The only person that chose to relocate to Ohio is Lebron, and he got paid a bazillion dollars to do so. But this game is freaking huge. So let’s do this thing.

Game 1: William & Mary

AWWWWW SHIT YEAH!! Football is back. Our long national nightmare is over. START JUMPING BITCHES!

Game Sun Bowl: UCLA

So we got SUPER drunk this Christmas. And super drunk right now. And we forgot we had a bowl game coming up. So here is preview so uninformative, we won't even make you hit the jump. Just hit another shot of Jim. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week EqWRaAF6_WY[/youtube] B Dubs came up […]

Game 12: UVA

  So… we definitely still suck. We thought maybe the bye week would have tempered our rage, but we were wrong. But one thing we can take solace in? UVA sucks WAAAAAAY worse. Your hungover, phoned in UVA preview, after the jump…. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week I-u5baokRi0[/youtube] Yeah, so this isn't […]

Game 11: Maryland Predictions

  So, that happened.  Still kind of speechless, to be honest.  In a good way.  Hit the jump.   ———————————————   Not sure how I feel about this right now.  I mean don't get me wrong, I love LOVE the fact that we doo-dooed on Miami in their house.  It was awesome.  Even if halfway […]

Game 11: Maryland

HUH?!?! What the hell? Where I am? What the hell happened last week? We just woke up. Join us in our journey back to consciousness, after the jump. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week lX8GG3dnsp8[/youtube] With two more wins and a Duke loss we can make the ACC Championship Game? A Pittsburgh Pirate […]

Game 10: Miami Predictions

Much like the Hokies the last two weeks, I'm phoning this one in.  Jump.   ———————————————   You know what's worse than watching VT lose in horrible fashion to BC?  Watching it in person.  This is twice now that I have seen BC make fools of us while I'm mere feet from the field.  I'm […]

Game 10: Miami

  We don't even know. Hopefully you're on mobile, cuz we are phoning this shit in. Hit the jump for all the masocism you can stand. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week 3s5xsVHOJQs[/youtube] We know that angry and jaded probably doesn't look good on us. We don't care… We realize that not caring […]

Game 9: Boston College

We lost to Duke. At home.  We should just shut this season down.  Hit the jump.     ———————————————   So yeah, last week happened. That was just awful.  I mean seriously?  Not to be too dramatic, but damn.  Thankfully, the Red Sox won the WORLD SERIES, so my week turned out better.  Speaking of […]

Game 9: Boston College

Were you angry before? Well, you are now. Happy Halloween! This year, Virginia Tech decided to dress up as a ranked team! Do we even need to warn you at this point? Angry, drunken, curse-word-ridden ranting is ahead. Also, a BC "preview." Screw BC. I'm glad we'll win by 40. Stuff. Jump. Do it… —————– […]

Game 8: Duke Predictions

Ok, this has to be quick.  The Sox are losing in the 8th and I need to finish watching this game.  Hit the jump.  Oh yeah, we're playing Duke.     ———————————————   We had a bye week last week.  I love bye weeks.  I get to have a day of not having heart troubles. […]

Game 8: Duke

We're not even going to try and fool you this year. We're using this picture FOREVER! It's our blog and we can do what we want. OMG THERE IS SO MUCH TO COVER!! UVA lost. WVU lost. Everyone in the entire world lost last week! Best. Bye Week. Ever. We'll cover at least 10% of […]

The Official NEZ Hokie Drinking Game

So… we have a bye week. Bye weeks SUCK. They suck as much as noon games, 81, or having to hang out with someone who uses the phrase, "Ivy League of the South." So here's something that (hopefully) doesn't suck. The Official Hokie Football Drinking Game Last year, we thought we would start small and […]

Game 7: Pitt Predictions

Pitt.  They followed us from the Big East to the ACC.  Our recent history with them has not been in our favor, but I say we change that this weekend.  Click jump if you agree.  Or even if you don't.  Just click the link.       ———————————————   Cool, thanks for joining us.  Glad […]

Game 7: Pitt

Since we haven't beat Pitt in 13 years, we couldn't find a decent picture. So here's a picture from when Pitt beat UVA. Because f*ck UVA. They want to be called Pittsburgh. No one is ever calling them Pittsburgh. That name is reserved for teams that Pittsburghers actually care about. Hit the jump better than […]