Game 11: Wake Forest

We tried to find a humorous picture of Wake Forest. But no one cares enough about them to take any pictures. All you need to know* about a game we should win, after the jump.

Game 3: ECU

DID LAST WEEK ACTUALLY HAPPEN?!?! We have vague, drunken memories, but did we really go into Columbus and take down a top ten Buckeye team? F*ck yes we did. All the fun, after the jump.

Game 2: Ohio State

This week we travel to Ohio, the state that even Indiana makes fun of. The only person that chose to relocate to Ohio is Lebron, and he got paid a bazillion dollars to do so. But this game is freaking huge. So let’s do this thing.

Game 1: William & Mary

AWWWWW SHIT YEAH!! Football is back. Our long national nightmare is over. START JUMPING BITCHES!