Game 10: FSU Predictions

Well I think we can officially call this season a debacle.  We have FSU tonight.  This should be fun. Jump it. ——————————————— I’m really getting tired of saying this: No one wins.  We played flat against Miami.  We were basically within one score THE ENTIRE GAME, and yet we could never pull the trigger.  Miami […]

Game 10: Florida State

Guh. This shit is still going? It’s already Thursday again?   —————- Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week sRYNYb30nxU[/youtube] We believe… kind of. —————- There isn’t really much left to say. We suck. Everything sucks. So let’s concentrate our hate for this week. Let’s concentrate on special teams. The importance of having good special […]

Last Exit to Blacksburg

Come gather ’round children, it’s high time we sang,’bout a terrible ball team, with a head coach named Frank. He’s old and he’s tried, the game’s passed him by,We don’t really care if he’s such a nice guy. We used to block kicks, now we miss P-A-T’s,Frank can’t tell the dif’rence ‘tween a fart and […]

We Lost to DA U…

WE LOST TO F*CKING MIAMI. <Insert hundreds and thousands of expletives here>. How in the hell do you manage to do something like that?! If there could possibly be one team we hate more than UVA, it’s DA U. And guess what? DA U put us in our place. Putting up 12 points against one […]

Game 9: Miami Predictions

How come hurricanes generally hit the week we play Miami?  Is that some kind of cruel joke? Jump it. ——————————————— No one wins.  That Clemson game was awful.  That seems to be the theme of the season.  When we win, we look decent, when we lose we look like CGally is playing QB, DiP is […]

Game 9: Miami

 Did you miss us? You know you did. Don’t lie. If you’re looking for doom and gloom, go somewhere else (any Redskins’ blog will do). It’s Miami tomorrow night. The U. Swagger. All that shit. No matter how poorly we’re doing, this game means a lot. But fear not, we start off this week […]

Angry Reaction to Clemson

OK. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We started off looking damn good. Things were great! We forced Clemson into a three and out on their opening drive and then marched down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Just what we needed! It all went down hill after that and I bet almost EVERY Hokie fan saw […]

Game 8: Clemson Predictions

Well at least we beat Duke.  We have Clemson this weekend.  Stupid Clemson.  Best entrance in college football, my foot. Hit the jump. ——————————————— So we finally have a winner.  It’s been awhile.  No one likes when we lose a string of games, obvs.  But now we won one.  And it was scary there for […]

Game 8: Clemson

Dabo could not be more excited to meet Nicki Minaj. Well, here we are. Playing a real live ranked team. This should be interesting. Or the other thing. Infuriating. But remembers, it’s not whether you win or lose. It’s how drunk you get. Start it up, after the jump… —————- Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week The […]

Game 7: Duke Predictions

This is getting bad.  We all knew this was going to happen.  We all know it’s probably going to happen again.  Hopefully not this weekend. Hit the jump. ——————————————— No one wins.  No one!  Get out of here, you’re wasting my time.  Stupid football. ——————————————– Onto this week’s predictions Your predictions: BDubs: I predict that […]

Game 7: Duke

Another week. Another game. Another angry, angry Saturday. If you’re coming here for a super, fantastic, out-of-this-world preview, well it ain’t gonna happen. We’re phoning this one in harder than Blues Brothers 2000. In fact, we’re not even going to use our usual Deron picture this time. Hit the jump and you’ll see what we […]

Announcement: The NEZ Prediction Contest – FREE STUFF!

And not crappy stuff that we pull out of our closets, like leftover RMFW t-shirts or VHS copies of Babe: Pig in the City. No no, this is legit. The good folks over at HOMAGE have generously offered up some free t-shirts to our readers. In a clear display of recklessness, they’ve chosen to let […]

Immediate Postgame Thoughts

THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, COACHES OK. Enough is enough. I am really f*cking angry. There are NO excuses for this; none WHATSOEVER. We are a JOKE of a football team and suck more on weekends than Lindsay Lohan. These thoughts absolutely could not wait until Monday. They are coming NOW. HIT THE JUMP IF […]

Game 6: UNC Predictions

Let me preface this by saying The Northerner is out of town (or something) and forgot his laptop, so I am left with posting the predictions. This is their way of making me do more work for free. Jerks. But anyway, we suck. Seriously, we are just awful right now. I’m pretty sure Geno Smith […]