Game 12: UVA

This is THE game, folks. This is why you’re a Hokie fan. This is why you’re a football fan. Are you nervous? Well you f***ing shouldn’t be. It’s UVA week. 10 out of 11. About to be 8 in a row. This week, the hoos come back to Earth. Do we capitalize “hoos”? Whatevs. No […]

Trashing UVA

Hellllllllllllllllll yesssssssssssss.  It’s that time of year again when we take on the Virginia Cavaliers.  Somehow, they’ve become semi-relevant in football again and are 8-3 this year.  Last week, FSU handed them a win.  This week, it’s time for blood – UVA will get absolutely smoked by VT.  We absolutely despise UVA and this post […]

Yes, We Now Do Basketball…More Regularly

Yeah, that’s right.  BDubs is now doing basketball.  This isn’t the first nor last time you will see this picture.  Eat crotch, Greg Paulus.  Wonder what he’s up to anyway?  Ah, yes, he’s a video coordinator for Ohio State basketball. Oh joy! Click to read more.  You won’t be disappointed. This never gets old…hahahaha Actually, […]

Weekly Thoughts

What a week!  There were all kinds of things going on in college football!  Anyway, shit just got real.  Read on faithful followers.   Again, f*ck you again UNC.  We can’t say this enough. The Tarholes in Chapel Hill should just stick to basketball.  I live in Greensboro, so you damn well know I have […]

Bring It.

We’ll meet you on the playground this Saturday for all the marbles.   Programming note: If we hear ANYONE so much as mention a certain game played in Mid-January, you are banned from this low-level Virginia Tech blog. You, and your children, and your children’s children!! ….for 1 week.

BDubs’ Review

First, UNC, we have this for you (perhaps even more drunken ranting, venting, and expletives included in the full post):   Yeah, that’s right.  Straight go f*ck yourselves.  We hate your school, we hate your fans, we hate Butch Davis, and we hate your football team.  Basketball season has started so at least not all is […]

Game 11: UNC Predictions

TWO THURSDAY NIGHT GAMES IN A ROW!!! RADICAL!! Possibly more ‘90s slang after the jump.   ——————————————— Well, I think I speak for everyone in Hokieland when I say, “Please sir, may I have s’more?”.  That shit was phat.  Thomas, Wilson, Oglesby, DANNY VACUUMING COALE, the entirety of our defense – oh hell, everyone – […]

Game 11: North Carolina

Nothing makes us happier than UNC fans crying over sports. Thursday night in Blacksburg. Time to get it back. Start jumping…     —————- Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week YKlYQz6dJYM[/youtube] Have we already used this song before? Yes. Do we care? NOPE! It’s Thursday night in Blacksburg. There are no rules. Welcome to […]

BDubs’ Preview: North Carolina

I’m back ladies and gentlemen!  After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to bring my amazing talents and below average score predictions (yeah, we’ll call it that) back to The North End Zone.  I was actually anSay hi if you ever run into me original writer, wrote maybe 2.5 posts, then got a little busy.  Or maybe I […]

Veteran’s Day

I know this is a little late in the day, but CGally and I, as well as all the people who predict the scores every week want to thank all our service men and women out there.  We love you and get home safe.  So that we can get more of these:

Game 10: Georgia Tech Predictions

Georgia Tech.  Thursday Night.  Hit the jump.     ——————————————— Ugh.  I don’t know what to say about the Duke game.  We play down to our team.  Plain and simple.  Somehow we have worked our way up to number 10 in the rankings, not that the rankings mean jack squat for the ACC or anyone […]

Game 10: Georgia Tech

Warning: Picture may induce vomiting / hysterical laughter. It’s the annual Game of the Year. Once again, this one means a lot. Get your popcorn, beer, and punching bag ready. Well, mainly just the beer. Jokes n’ junk, after the jump     —————- Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week You know, it would be […]

A Word on Penn State

We were going to include this with the Georgia Tech preview, but it’s a little too serious to go with our normal “we don’t know what we’re talking about so here’s a bunch of Simpson’s references” style. There is nothing good or funny about this story. It’s simply horrifying. First of all, remember that Penn […]

Reader Submission: “Mid”season Report

Every once in a while, we get reader emails. We tend to post / answer them during the weekly preview. However, avid reader HokieUmp submitted an email that bears it’s own post. He ended his email by saying, “Let’s face it, it saves you from coming up with something, for one day, at least.” You […]