Hokie Hoops vs. Oklahoma State

Happy Holidays readers! We know it’s been two weeks since our last post, but seriously, would anyone have read it anyway?? Regardless, it’s time for the Hokies to play a meaningful game.  Oddly enough, it comes against a team that we’ve already played (and defeated) once this season. It’s not very often you face a […]

Hokie Hoops vs. Campbell

OK.  So, we’re 7-3 right now.  Big deal.  Do we have some talent?  Yes we do.  Do we have anyone other than Erick Green who wants to consistently put up points in games?  No.  Not at all.  The good news is that we did take care of Norfolk State, but again, it wasn’t pretty.  We […]

The NEZ Bowl Pick ’em

Oh, you totally called an SEC team in the BCS Championship? Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Think you know more about college football than we do? Well, you’ll have to get in line. But a better way to prove it is to join our Bowl Pick ’em contest. You get a personalized (with puffy […]

Hokie Hoops vs. Norfolk State

It’s a really good thing we won that game against Rhode Island.  Turns out they are actually pretty terrible because in their next game, they got absolutely blown out by Georgia State – they lost by 32!!  Man, had we lost that game, it would have been terrible because Rhody’s Rhode Island Rams are now […]

Hokie Hoops vs Rhode Island

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, can we SERIOUSLY have a sports team that isn’t completely frustrating to watch?  Honestly, it’s one thing after another, no matter what sports we’re talking about.  In case you didn’t know, we lost to Kansas State on Sunday, but we were winning at the half only to get COMPLETELY dominated in the second half.  […]

C Gally Rants: Clemson

Well, that was an interesting weekend, wasn’t it? Listen, if you’re looking for a positive, celebratory post about going to the Sugar Bowl, check back in tomorrow. This one is all about getting out the rage from the ACCCG. So if you have young children, are a decent person, or are in any way related […]

We’re Going Bowling!

Yeah, nobody is surprised, but we all thought Chick Fil A.  Now we’re going to play in the SUGAR BOWL!!  SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAT???  Do we deserve it?  Hell no.  Are we f*cking excited?  Damn right we are.  FINALLY it pays off to be Hokie fans who travel well and spend money.  See ya in New Orleans, […]

Sugar Bowl?!

Whoa whoa whoa.  When did the Chick-fil-A Bowl get renamed the Sugar Bowl? This season continues to blow my friggin’ mind.   First off let me make this clear: SUGAR BOWL BITCHES!! WOOOOOOO!!  However, I will be the first one to say we probably should not have been selected for the Sugar Bowl.  Had we […]

What’s a different word for “atrocious”?

Easily one of the worst games I have ever seen by Virginia Tech.  The refs were awful in the first half, but we were even more awful in the second half.  This was arguably a bigger beatdown than the last time we played Clemson.   We were outplayed on every side of the ball.  It […]

ACC Championship Predictions

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. A guy walks into a bar to watch the Tech-UVA game and has his dog with him. He asks the bartender if the dog can be in there with him. “Why in the world should I allow that?” asks the bartender. “Well, when the Hokies score he’ll stand […]

ACC Championship

ABC, you are damn lucky Modern Family is awesome. We are getting pretty f*cking tired of seeing ads for this crap show. The best part about playing in the ACC Championship? An extra preview from the NEZ. You’re welcome, America. This week’s theme: REVENGE Let’s light this candle…     —————- Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of […]

Hokie Hoops vs Minnesota Preview

OK hoopters, it’s time for another rambling rant, rave, or whatever else you’d like to call it about the Virginia Tech men’s basketball program.  Tonight we play Minnesota in the ACC vs Big 10 challenge.  We start with an old school picture of Deron Washington.  Yeah, he has a jheri curl thing going on and […]

A Study of Life at the Bottom of the ACC

As mentioned in our UVA preview, we had an undercover agent (WeeLee) infiltrating the hollow (not a typo) grounds of Lamberth field. Though she risked her life with many of these photographs, we can all assure her that they will be put to good use. She also lives in Baltimore, so risking her life is […]

Eight in a Row, Bitches

Yes, we have used this over and over and over again, but you know what?  We don’t care.  You know what else, UVA??? Yeah, that’s right – F*CK YOU!!!  ____________ So, this is a funny story.  Not sure how many of you have seen the YouTube video that features a few of the classiest (and […]

Game 12: UVA Predictions

UVA.  Winner plays in the ACC Championship.  This one is for serious.   ——————————————— The game against UNC wasn’t pretty.  It was good at the middle, but then we shut it down a little too early.  Luckily for us, the clock ran out before our chances did.  We came away with the win.  I won’t […]