We got this tip (they are starting to roll in!) from, let’s call him “Skap”, which linked us to an article saying this: Blacksburg, VA — According to the football coaching blog, the Richmond Spiders are going to talk with Virginia Tech offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring. Holy balls, Christmas may have come a couple […]

This bowl game might be easier than we hoped

We were sent this picture by our friend DCno10 (wooo our first tip – take that Deadspin!) which is a screen grab of the bowl selection show.  Guess if you can spot why this is awesome. ———— Besides the dumb look on Jesse Palmer’s face, did you figure it out?  How about the logo for […]

Wednesday Randomness and BBall Game 8

A lot has happened this week, including your humble editor still getting over about 18 hours of football this weekend. A prediction winner, a hero for tonight, and much more after the jump. ——————– First of, a bit of clean-up. We usually announce each week’s prediction winner before the next game. But since our annual […]

More Proof HD is a joke

From the ACC Blog on ESPN: The season began with a No. 7 preseason ranking and high hopes for a national title, but those aspirations took an immediate dive with the news that leading rusher Darren Evans would be lost for the season before it even started because of a torn ACL. Redshirt freshman Ryan […]

Chick-fil-A Bowl here we come!

It’s official:  We’re taking on the Volunteers in the Chick-fil-A Bowl in what will be the third trip to Atlanta this season. Virginia Tech, Tennessee to Chick-fil-A Bowl The Chick-fil-A Bowl will host No. 12 Virginia Tech from the Atlantic Coast Conference and Tennessee from the Southeastern Conference. Bowl officials say the Hokies (9-3) and […]

FFODC: Hokie Photoshop Contest

Our good friend The Miz at FFODC is holding a photoshop contest during the down time before the bowl games get rolling. I would like you all, the readers to come up with clever photoshops (or even simple paint edits) of Virginia Tech pictures from the 2009 season. They can be anything you like, such as […]

Requiem for Baby Mangino

BREAKING NEWS According to ESPN: Mark Mangino will not return as Kansas football coach, a source close to the situation told Joe Schad of ESPN Thursday night. We will miss you, little fat child. And enormous fat man.  Hopefully you will reappear at another school soon, with another fat baby with a marker moustache.

Introducing: Hokie Motivators

Because we can’t straight up steal The Miz’s idea of LOL Hokies (which is well worth the visit), we are going a different route. We’ve all seen the great motivational posters talking about leadership and determination. So we’ve come up with a few Hokie Motivators (using the site here). Enjoy… —————–   —————–   —————– […]


We all knew it was coming.  Sooner or later they would do it.  Virginia Tech has successfully stopped underage drinking. ————– Or just ruined the party for everyone. Seriously VT?  I’m disappointed in you.  Not mad, just disappointed.  I feel like there has been plenty of association between our university and alcohol in the past, […]

VT to take on UT in Chick-fil-A Bowl

So we got an email yesterday from one of our sources linking us to a UT site claiming that one of their sources has found out that the Chick-fil-A Bowl is looking to select us and UT for the December 31st game.  After doing a little research (read: googled “VT UT Chick-fil-A”), it turns out […]

Bball Game 6: Iowa

  Over the Thanksgiving break, our dreams of an undefeated season were dashed by a 61-50 loss to Temple. Dreams of actually making the tourney also seemed a bit much after it took overtime to beat Delaware. But there’s one way we can get back on track… …and that is to beat some farmboys from […]

Your ACC Rookie of the Year…

In the biggest no-brianer vote since the repeal of prohibition, RMFW has been named ACC Rookie of the Year. We know this is pretty shocking and all, but try to stay calm. The vote was actually kind of close, with Boston College’s Luke Kuechly getting 29 votes to RMFW’s 34. But most voters realized that no […]

ACC All-Conference Team

It has been announced, and these are the Hokies who made the cut: First Team RB: Ryan MF Williams, Virginia Tech K: Matt Waldron, Virginia Tech LB: Cody Grimm, Virginia Tech P: Brent Bowden, Virginia Tech Second Team TE: Greg Boone, Virginia Tech (Nice to see he got some credit for his skills despite Stiney’s […]

You’re Welcome, UVA.

You help get us into the ACC, we help get you a new coach. Yep, that’s right, Al Groh has been canned. From Virginia fired Al Groh after nine seasons as football coach at his alma mater Sunday, ending a tenure marked by his inability to beat rival Virginia Tech. Groh’s dismissal came less […]