CFA Bowl Predictions

The last prediction post of the year. This is for all the marbles… kind of. I guess you could argue that this is our least significant game in Atlanta this season… nevermind. Let’s drop some jumpage… ————— C Gally: 27 – 14 VT – Cody Grimm eats 2 people and impregnates Layla Kiffin. The Northerner: VT […]

Chick-Fil-A Bowl Preview

Redemption… After what seems like months of waiting, the day has finally arrived. Tomorrow, we will officially be allowed to get drunk in suits while wearing pointy hats. Also, Tech plays Tennessee in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Welcome to Atlanta, where the Hokies play… like ev-er-y month or so. Start jumping… ————— Non-Metallica Pump-up Song of […]

Thoughts leading up to the CFA Bowl

Well the big day is tomorrow, and I’m getting more nervous by the minute.  Not that I don’t have confidence in our team, I just get nervous before big meaningful events.  And this game is a meaningful event.  More after the jumperino. ————— The chips (historically) are stacked against us, because we haven’t beaten an […]

Bball Game 12: Longwood

Let’s just get this out of the way early. Tech plays Longwood at 2. Anyone know Longwood’s mascot? First one to get it gets a prize. Let’s get this done and get to 11 wins. This is the last of our must-win games. After this, the shitter will be full. LET’S GO HOKIES!!

One more record for RMFW

Our Bowl game is coming up in the next couple of days, and there is still a record that is within grasp for our man-horse, Ryan Williams. CJ Spiller tied the ACC TD record in the bowl game (same bowl game I forgot was even on TV until the next morning), when he ended the […]

A Cross-Conference Sit Down

Last week, we answered some questions about our beloved Hokies for Bloguin homie, SECRivals. This week, Darrell Owenby of SECR returns the favor and provides a little insight into Lane Kiffin and the Vols. Jump it. ————————- With all the expectations, controversy, and hot wife-ness surrounding Lane Kiffin, how are fans feeling about their new coach? […]


Yeah, you read that right, our defense held UMBC to 34 points!  Damn, Gina! So now we’re 10-1 and torching the competition.  I mean we scored more than double the points the Retrievers did last night. Now, I’ll be the first one to tell you that I am not a basketball fan, but I have […]

Bball Game 11: UMBC

Tonight, we take on the University of Maryland – Baltimore County Retrievers. We’re not even sure what to make of that sentence. Being from Baltimore, we assume they are retrieving some sort of narcotic*. *Everything we know about Baltimore is from the first season of The Wire. UMBC is red hot, coming off their first […]

SEC Rivals Questionaire

Darrell Owenby over at SEC Rivals asked your humble editor to complete a few questions about the upcoming match-up between the Vols and our beloved Hokies. Those guys have their shit on lock over there. You know they’re legit when they are covering the Kentucky bowl game. As usual, no actual research or football knowledge […]

Bball Game 10: Charleston Southern

We know that it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, but we’ll have to keep this one short. Some times, important things like work, Beer Olympics, and watching Independence Day again get in the way. But we woke up this morning and realized that Hokie basketball is 8-1 right now. Men’s basketball!! (Remember when […]

Nothing but class in Knoxville

Via Deadspin Over/under: Number of times Pearl and Kiffin have hit a strip club together? I think we’re going to put it at once a week. Happy Wednesday. Just over two weeks until kickoff. Good thing we don’t have a college football playoff to distract us from work.

Bud Foster is here to stay!

Kyle Tucker has put our worrying hearts to rest. Unless a head coaching offer comes along – and maybe even then – Bud Foster will likely remain Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator for at least five more seasons. Well, this is the first good move Jim Weaver has done in his entire career.  Throw tons of […]

Book it: Red Sox vs. Phillies in 2010 World Series

So apparently the Red Sox have signed John Lackey this fine afternoon, and Roy Hallday and his agent have checked into a Philadelphia hotel.  What does this mean?  Two things. 1.  Barring any major injuries, the Red Sox may have the best rotation in the AL this year with Beckett, Lester, Lackey, Buchholz/Daisuke/Wakefield. 2.  The […]

Penn State Hokie Hero

  An away game at Penn State calls for a Hokie Men’s Basketball Hero.  Since the the Hokies are traveling to Penn State, this evening, I felt it only fitting for our Hero to have served time in the State Penn. So that leaves us with our Hero being the one and only. Mickey Rourke […]