Game 4: UNC Preview and Predictions

If you are standing right now, sit down. (If you are standing and using a computer, buy a freaking chair.) There are some words that may be difficult to understand. This weekend is… a big game against UNC. That’s right. The new sexy pick for the Coastal Division gets their shot at the big boys. […]

Two Unrelated Points

Point 1: I’m trying to decide if UNC is actually not awful this year, or if the ACC and Rutgers are just that bad that they make the ‘Heels look better? I mean seriously, if they’re good(ish) this year, that just flips this whole season on its ear. Tech loses to ECU. WVU gets bent […]

GT Predictions

(insert joke about Tech playing Tech here) Now that we have that out of the way, let’s congratulate Maniak on his prediction of 27 – 10 for the Furman game. Though he added nothing in the way of extra information, his score was the closest, and that’s all that matters. So congrats, Maniak. Here’s your […]

Game 3: Gah-Tech Preview

Furman. Well that was fun… kind of. Apparently the coaches took our advice and started with no game plan whatsoever. 3 – 0 at half? Are you serious? Blacksburg High could have scored a touchdown in the first half with no game plan. But who cares. We won. It was by more than 7. We’re […]


This being my first post on the site I will keep it short and sweet. West Virginia just got beaten like a red-headed step child riding a rented mule. I should know. At least we scored a touchdown (or three) against the Pirates. JDawg and I both agree that this win by ECU makes us […]

Game 2: “Preview” and Predictions

Yeah, we would have done a full preview. But it’s a four day week. We’re still in our hole after Saturday. And it’s freaking Furman. Do you really want to read about what kind of team they have and what we need to do to beat them? Well, we hope not, because we sure as […]

Devastation: Tech Loses to EC-freaking-U, 27 – 22

WARNING: This post contains massive levels of outrage mixed with sadness, fear, alcohol, and a little bit of Guitar Hero. Christ, dude. That’s really all we have. There are no words. We get it that the Pirates are better than a cream puff. But for a program with an empty trophy case for a future […]

ECU Predictions

We are mere hours away from kick off, and it’s time for the weekly predictions. This year, we’ll give out an award to each week’s winner based on Tech’s score, the opponent’s score, and score differential. If it confuses you, that’s ok. We’ll probably just make it up anyways. We would keep a running tally […]

Game 1 Preview: ECU Pirates

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here!! It’s the sporting world’s version of the Red Ryder BB Gun: The first college football Saturday. Black Bart was not a Pirate. The Friday before, we can never sleep. Well, we wouldn’t be able to sleep, if not for the fact that we usually start drinking around 5:30 pm […]

Virginia Tech – Season Preview

The countdown continues to zero-hour. Here’s a look at our thoughts on the Hokies’ 2008 schedule. We’ve rated each game based on predicted awesomeness, excitement, and nauseous feelings we’re expected to have prior to kickoff. (Note: Ratings are based on # of awesome things, 1-5.) @ ECU (kind of @, anyways) So the game is […]

USA Today Top 25: The Early Edition

The preseason coach’s poll came out last week (sorry for the delay, we’ve been having to work at our actual jobs). As everyone surely knows, Georgia is ranked first. And considering their schedule, as well as some big out of conference games for other high ranked teams, this year could turn out to be another […]


Almost there kids… One month. One month. One month. Just keep repeating that to yourself.We hope you’ve had a good summer. Wanna know what we did on our summer vacation? We spent it wishing it was September and dreaming of tailgates, grills, and Bumarooski. And since summer still has about 30 days left, we’ll probably […]

The Fall Wedding

Buddy: Hey man, I want you to be in my wedding.Me: Of course! When is it?Buddy: Not sure on a date yet, but around August.Me: Ok cool. I’m in. A few weeks/months later, and the invite arrives. “Oh awesome, it’s official now. And the date of the wedding is… September 12th?!?!?! Are you #$%*ing serious?” […]

Pittsburgh Penguins: 2009 Stanley Cup Champions

Two days ago, I awoke in a ditch. I was wearing a Jarkko Ruutu jersey, clutching a tin foil Stanley Cup, and wondering what the hell happened. Was there a hockey game last Wednesday? I really don’t remember… So yeah, that happened. We watched our team go 12-2 in a month span, only to see […]

The Penguins Only Hope

We know, we know. The North End Zone does not do a preview for the Stanley Cup and everything goes to hell. It’s all our fault. Stop yelling at Adam Hall (even though we haven’t stopped… get us some Jeff Taffe!!). Word is the Penguins were spotted in Pittsburgh just after the final whistle last […]