How Will the Hokies Finish?

Everyone fully recovered from the BC loss? After the huge win over GT, the team made it known they were and that there would be no late season meltdown the Hokies have accustomed themselves to over the past decade. So, how do the Hokies finish? Next up: FSU – For whatever reason, fans keep bringing […]

Charlie Weis owes me $50 (and other thoughts on the weekend)

I root for Notre Dame in one game each year. I want them to go 1-11. Blasphemy, I know. I should be rooting for them to lose at all times. Why am I so crazy? Three years ago, a simple bet was made between myself and a Midshipman. I bet him $50 that a 16-seed […]

Just Awesomeness

A few thoughts on the Georgia Tech drubbing: What offense was that? Its like we were calling actual football plays. Wide receivers ran past the first down markers on third down and everything! It was great! There is nothing better than seeing empty seats during road games. The onside kick: I can’t believe we called […]

Hokies still in the hunt

Hey, did something happen a week ago? We don’t really remember anything. I’m pretty sure there was a game, but who knows. Let’s not dwell on the past people. Let’s dwell on the next game, as well as getting Stinespring out of town (big shocker, 10 points didn’t beat the #2 team in the country). […]

VT vs. Worst #2 Ever

Finally, the time is upon us. It’s Thursday, and it’s about to get loud. Not too much to say right now, so let’s just roll with the predictions: CGally: 24 – 21 Bbull: 21 – 17 DiP: 19 – 17 Steve: 31 – 23 Tim: 20 – 14 Gway: 17 – 10* Lady Gally: 24 […]

Thursday Night. Blacksburg.

Yes, it’s finally here. This is not a dream. THE Thursday night game is upon us. Boston College is coming to town, ranked #2, and their fans are trying to decide who they would rather play in the National Championship. It’s pretty easy to get excited. The name of the game is experience. We have […]

Bye Weeks Suck

If there is one thing that this week has taught me, its that bye weeks are just terrible, terrible things. My Steelers were off last week, so no reading there. The Hokies are off this coming weekend, which means pretty much nothing to look forward to on Saturday. As for last Saturday, well, it was […]

VT vs. the Fighting Vitales

Since Fall 2006, the Hokies have not lost to either Duke or UNC in football and men’s basketball. Here’s betting that that’s going to still be true on Monday. Things we should look for in this game? All I’ll be looking for is for the offense to score more than 2 touchdowns. Is that really […]

Statement Game

What a wierd and amazing game. Great defense, timely ST’s plays, and a mistake-free offense. Definition … Beamerball. This game marks the beginning of the rest of the 2007 football season. Up til beating Clemson on Saturday, our season was marked by wins over mediocre teams and a humiliating loss to the best team in […]

Things have happened in 14 years?

In the last 14 years since the Philadelphia Phillies had made the playoffs many things in baseball have happened. The Phillies have had 5 managers (one of which left to win a world series) The Phillies have had 22 different all-stars Curt Schilling lost a world series, left, won a world series, bled threw a […]

Hokies win, but no reason to celebrate

UNC wins the toss, gets the ball first, and they are immediately shut down as the Hokies force them into a three and out (typical Virginia Tech defense). The Hokies get the ball, and amazingly, we run a reverse to Royal on the first play which results in a 50 yard run. A few plays […]

VT vs. The Trust Funds (part 1)

It’s that time of year again. The leaves will soon be turning. The games won’t be terribly hot. And ACC Conference play commences for the Hokies. This is the time. We have one goal: get to the ACC Championship game. Here’s where we start the run. This year has all the markings of the 2004 […]

Things to look for against UNC

This will be a combo post. I don’t have much insight into last week’s beatdown against W&M, mostly because I was home in PA for the weekend. Some of the few notes that I can talk about come from the statistics. First thought is Branden Ore. Now, I’m not saying the plays he’s been forced […]

A Happy Halftime

Yes, I know it was William and Mary. I know they are I-AA. But it took until the 4th game of the season until I was not pissed of at halftime of a Tech game. Here’s the past halftime scores: VT 10 – ECU 7 VT 0 – LSU 24 VT 7 – Ohio 7 […]

VT vs. A Tribe Called I-AA

CAN YOU FEEEEEL IT?!?!? Its our annual beatdown of a Virginia I-AA school. Wooooo. So why go down to the game, you ask? Because we can. This will be the first game (hopefully) in which we are not dissappointed. Seriously, 7-7 at the half against Ohio just won’t cut it. So here’s some predictions: CGally: […]