The Greatest Season of All Time

The regulars here at the North End Zone (or the NEZ, as the kids know it) are only human. So we like when one of our relative unknowns drops by. Here’s Steve (file photo on the right) to give us a run down of the past year in college football. Never in the history of […]

Gambling in the new year and a little past

Bowl Game Picks against the spread Poinsettia BowlUtah (8-4) vs. Navy (8-4) Site: Qualcomm Stadium, San DiegoTime: Dec 20th 9 p.m. Line: Utah -9 Pick: Navy to cover Navy will still be able to run the triple option with or without a coach. And playing in San Diego, which is home to a large naval […]

The many faces of Rich Rod Facebook groups

What a time to be alive! Merely hours after the official announcement, thousands of Mountaineers clammored for their keyboard to record their disgust. In today’s world, you don’t even need to write anything, just become a member of one of those Facebook groups out on the interwebs. Let’s take a look at some of the […]

Our favorite part of the Mitchell Report

The Mitchell Report came out today, and there was some pretty good stuff in there. Long? Yes. Hilarious stuff? Yes. Not only did Rondell White pay for steroids with a check, but he couldn’t even come up with something non-dumb to put on the memo line: That’s right. “Bought something”. Not that writing a check […]

Hokies are good in football AND futbol

With the football Hokies on a month-long hiatus and the basketball Hokies just getting going, you may be missing one of the greatest runs in Virginia Tech history. The Hokie soccer team, appearing in their third straight NCAA Tournament, has reached the Final-freaking-Four. For those of you wondering, the game will be played this Friday […]

THE Game of the Year

Here it is folks: GAMETIME. This is THE game of the year. The prior BC game means nothing other than a stock highlight for BC. This is the game that makes them sick to watch that highlight. This is where we need to make something special happen. Want to be a big time college football […]

VT vs BC, take two…

R-E-V-E-N-G-E…find out what it means to me. Not quite, but you get the idea – ask and ye shall receive. The fans wanted it and they got it: the grudge match. The winner take all ACC title game featuring the Hokies of Virginia Tech and the Eagles of Boston College. Take your pick…Vegas has the […]

Another group of UVA seniors graduate without a win over Tech

There is nothing like beating UVA. Nothing. From the stadium having 40% Hokies to the crushing of their ACC dreams, Saturday was just spectacular. Not that we didn’t all almost have heart attacks when we were losing, but still. First off: WE BLOCKED A FREAKING PUNT. Anyone else jump up and down on their couch? […]

Game preview: Virginia Tech vs Virginia

Alright, folks, here we are again. One year removed from the 17-0 Hokies domination over the Hoos. It’s neither here nor there, but let us all be reminded that last year, UVA didn’t even cross midfield! Quite a performance, but then again, it’s not very hard to make UVA look like a bunch of creampuffs. […]

Welcome to the Turkeydome

CAN. YOU. FEEEEEEL IT?!?!?! That’s right folks, it is time for the greatest holiday every invented (have you thanked a pilgrim/Squanto today?). Four days of turkey, football, naps, beer, pie, football, turkey, and exactly zero stress. Want to lay on the couch all day? Guess what, that’s what you are required to do! Abe Lincoln […]

Getting used to this beating teams from Florida thing is pretty sweet

Just a few notes from these past 2 weekends: When was the last time a team took down Florida State and Miami in a season, and when was the last time a team took them down on consecutive weekends? (My guess, Florida at some point for the former, and I doubt the latter has ever […]

Hokies win laugher

Not much to report here. For once, our offense was able to win the game for us. Aside from the brief 2nd-3rd quarter stint where Miami was able to generate some momentum, Virginia Tech played its best football all season. Maybe it’s just me, but yesterday’s 44-14 thrashing of Miami was the best game the […]

Virginia Tech vs. Miami Who?

That’s right boys and girls, this week we feature a titanic match-up between two ferocious teams: Virginia Tech and…and um…um…oh, right, Miami, whose name is being forgotten much like their season needs to be. It’s no secret that the Hokies are huge favorites (nearly 17) this Saturday and for good reason. The Hokies are firing […]

Bowden has deja vu; Taylor the man

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane to the year 2000 where Virginia Tech is taking on the almighty Florida State. Even though the Hokies lost that game, Bobby Bowden was introduced to an amazing athlete named Michael Vick (yes, the name is repulsive right now, but he really was talented) who accumulated 322 yards […]