Gally’s Bowl Picks

Here is the ultimate bowl guide. Find out who is going to win and why. Well, the why part is really only included in a few. Enjoy! R&L Carriers New Orleans BowlDec. 22, 8 p.m. New OrleansRice vs. TroyPick: TroySpeaking from experience, if your team is playing in a bowl game in New Orleans, GO. […]

How the Hokies will make the NCAA Tournament

Virginia Tech Corner Virginia Tech has not made an NCAA Tournament since 1996. At this, the 10 year anniversary, it’s time we came back. We have sat through years of Ricky Stokes and Luke Minor, but our time has come. Despite losses this season to Western Michigan, Southern Illinois, and George Washington (who isn’t any […]

Sean Salisbury was on Battlebots

Here at The North End Zone, we don’t particularly care one way or the other about Sean Salisbury. Granted, we almost always rooted against him when he faced off against John “Live from the Clayton Cave” Clayton, but no deep rooted animosity. However, as will be the tradition every year, we will be reminding the […]

The only thing ESPN can’t overhype: The Jimmy V Foundation

Last night was the annual Jimmy V Classic. It is a couple of basketball games hosted at the MSG. However, that is not the real story. The real story is what the Jimmy V Classic is for. It is for The Jimmy V foundation: a foundation that promotes cancer research. I digress to why I […]

The Fightin’ Calculators will surely rise!!

From the “Too Good to be True” Department, we are proud to announce the kickoff of the “Find Carnegie Mellon a Mascot” contest. The school’s nickname is the Tartans, which according to the website: “may bring to mind kilts, bagpipes and an assortment of Scottish Terriers.” (To us it brings to mind some sort of […]

Roids and Chess

So I was watching a news channelwith one of those tickers at the bottom and read something that did not make a bunch of sense. It said that the World Cup of Chess, in China, will start an anti-doping drug test prior to the start of the tournament. Now let’s get serious for a second, […]


While it’s obvious the 5 BCS bowls are the mack daddies of the college bowl system, you may not know know which other bowls rate where in the overall spectrum. To be sure, the MPC Computer Bowl is not high on the list, but what is? Well here you go folks, a nice little break […]

Casino Royale Options

Casino Royale is possibly the most pure kick-ass movie of all time. However, the choice of Texas Hold ‘Em over the traditional Baccarat is an interesting one. I just don’t see Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan sitting down with Raymer or Moneymaker and having a tense, dramatic game. But does anyone understand Baccarat? No, but […]

The Beginning

Here it is everyone, the first official post. With exactly 2 readers right now, we are well on pace to hit 74 home runs by the end of the season. For historical reference, here’s how this whole thing went down: After birth, a bunch of us went to Virginia Tech, where we became friends/drinking buddies. […]