Game 11: Maryland Predictions

  So, that happened.  Still kind of speechless, to be honest.  In a good way.  Hit the jump.   ———————————————   Not sure how I feel about this right now.  I mean don't get me wrong, I love LOVE the fact that we doo-dooed on Miami in their house.  It was awesome.  Even if halfway […]

Game 10: Miami Predictions

Much like the Hokies the last two weeks, I'm phoning this one in.  Jump.   ———————————————   You know what's worse than watching VT lose in horrible fashion to BC?  Watching it in person.  This is twice now that I have seen BC make fools of us while I'm mere feet from the field.  I'm […]

Game 9: Boston College

We lost to Duke. At home.  We should just shut this season down.  Hit the jump.     ———————————————   So yeah, last week happened. That was just awful.  I mean seriously?  Not to be too dramatic, but damn.  Thankfully, the Red Sox won the WORLD SERIES, so my week turned out better.  Speaking of […]

Game 8: Duke Predictions

Ok, this has to be quick.  The Sox are losing in the 8th and I need to finish watching this game.  Hit the jump.  Oh yeah, we're playing Duke.     ———————————————   We had a bye week last week.  I love bye weeks.  I get to have a day of not having heart troubles. […]

Game 7: Pitt Predictions

Pitt.  They followed us from the Big East to the ACC.  Our recent history with them has not been in our favor, but I say we change that this weekend.  Click jump if you agree.  Or even if you don't.  Just click the link.       ———————————————   Cool, thanks for joining us.  Glad […]

Game 6: North Carolina Predictions

Everyone who saw the GT game shaping up like that raise your hand.  Liars.  All of you.  Put your hands down.     North Cackalackee is this weekend.  They're not that great this season, which means of course, we're going to struggle mightily.     Hit it.  ———————————————   First things first.  DID YOU SEE […]

Game 5: Georgia Tech Predictions

Georgia Tech on a Thursday night.  Too bad it's in Atlanta. That is not our happy place.  This one could be rougher than last week.  Wait, no that's impossible.  More on that after you hit the jump.   ———————————————   So last week, huh?  That was pretty terrible.  Luckily, Token Girl was smart enough to […]

Game 4: Marshall Predictions

Marshall, boys and girls.  The Thundering Herd.  The big time.  Yeah you know it.  This is the pinnacle of football.  Woop woop.   Hit the jump.   ——————————————— Yeah, so sorry about not being able to post last week.  And sorry for subjecting you all to BDubs.  Hopefully he behaved himself.  Usually we don't let […]

Game 2: Western Carolina Predictions

  Western Carolina.  The Catamounts.  Our Arch Nemesis.  HA.  But seriously.  We need to crrrush them to get ourselves back on track for the season.  Last week is over, time to move on to our real schedule.     You know what to do. ———————————————   No one wins the prediction challenge. Our first game […]

Game 1: Alabama Predictions

WE’RE BACK!!!!1!! We know you missed us ever so dearly.  As CGally said, sorry for the lack of content this summer.  Apparently, this is the summer that everyone decides to get married.  But now we’re here and you can breathe easier.  We’ve got Bama tomorrow.  You know what to do.  Jump it. ——————————————— Phew, it’s […]

Russell Athletic Bowl Predictions

  Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.  How’s it going?  We haven’t talked in quite a while, huh?  I blame CGally.  Anyways, here we are at the end of our season (Thank Jeebus) and we play Rutgers in the M&Ms Yankee Candle Hunger Games Shoe Rack Bowl. Or something like that.  Russell Athletic Bowl?  […]

Game 11: Boston College Predictions

What does winning feel like?  It’s been so long.  I think it feels…good?  Who knows anymore.  We have two games left.  BC and UVA.  The two worst teams in the ACC. It’s way past time to buck up and bring the steamroller out from the shed. Jump it.     ——————————————— No one wins the […]

Game 10: FSU Predictions

Well I think we can officially call this season a debacle.  We have FSU tonight.  This should be fun. Jump it. ——————————————— I’m really getting tired of saying this: No one wins.  We played flat against Miami.  We were basically within one score THE ENTIRE GAME, and yet we could never pull the trigger.  Miami […]

Game 8: Clemson Predictions

Well at least we beat Duke.  We have Clemson this weekend.  Stupid Clemson.  Best entrance in college football, my foot. Hit the jump. ——————————————— So we finally have a winner.  It’s been awhile.  No one likes when we lose a string of games, obvs.  But now we won one.  And it was scary there for […]

Game 7: Duke Predictions

This is getting bad.  We all knew this was going to happen.  We all know it’s probably going to happen again.  Hopefully not this weekend. Hit the jump. ——————————————— No one wins.  No one!  Get out of here, you’re wasting my time.  Stupid football. ——————————————– Onto this week’s predictions Your predictions: BDubs: I predict that […]