Game 20:Miami (again)

  On RSN: 1pm The Hokies go to The U this afternoon in a big road contest. Let’s see how The U does at home since they have been one of the worst road teams in recent memory. Now for the Hero today, only one man can be just as dirty as the Miami athletic […]

Game 14: UNC

On FSN: 7:45pm. Tonight the Hokies travel to Chapel Hill for the first ACC game of the season. The Hokies might be without Malcolm Delaney tonight, against UNC, so the boys are really in need of a Hokie Hero. They need motivator, a man willing to take a stand, a man amongst boys. And since […]

Penn State Hokie Hero

  An away game at Penn State calls for a Hokie Men’s Basketball Hero.  Since the the Hokies are traveling to Penn State, this evening, I felt it only fitting for our Hero to have served time in the State Penn. So that leaves us with our Hero being the one and only. Mickey Rourke […]

Hokie Drinking Basketball

The first televised men’s Hokie Basketball game is less than 48 hours away.  This can only mean the greatest Hokie drinking game is just around the corner.  Hokie Drinking Basketball is not a game for the faint of heart or an untrue Hokie fan.  The object is to drink to help the success of the […]