Spring Football 2013

  Didn’t want all 15 of our fans to think we had forgotten about them, yep 15, we managed to pick up a few extra people with our amazing basketball and off-season write-ups….. Now that March Madness is over, what do we have to look forward to?  NHL Playoffs? Many of you are Caps “fans” […]

Coaching Search Update?

  So it has been a long time and rightfully so… we had nothing to add after that bowl win over Rutgers that we hadn’t been saying all year long.  But this is NEZ we can’t leave our faithful readers hanging without a post for weeks or months of down time, all 6 of them […]

New Hokie Basketball Coach

Seeing as how C.Gally and the rest of the misfits here at NEZ seem to be taking a major break from writing I thought I would pick it up and fill you all in on some information you probably already know.  With Seth gone (please see the previous post for all Seth related facial expressions) […]

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Ok.. so Bdubs has gone into hiding after the shameful games that have been going on, and well I can’t say I blame him.  So I am going to pick up the off season slack for a post and  point out some .. well less than impressive basketball, after the jump that is… All I […]

HateFest 2011: Fall Weddings

It’s wedding season, and you know what that means: Time to shell out a crap ton of money in exchange for night of free food, free drinks and the perception that you will get to go home with one of the hot, single bridesmaids. Normally I would say that’s not too bad of a deal […]

The League’s Return

All work and no play makes C Gally something something… (please feel free to leave comments as to what this situation does to C Gally, best comment wins the bacon briefcase that is still sitting in the NEZ office and an RMFW tshirt) Ok, so its official, FX has released the season premiere date for […]

NFL Season Concerns

Well with all of the labor negotiations going on with the NFL Players Association and the NFL Owners the talk of no season or a shortened season has become more and more frequent.  Now here at NEZ we focus on the hard truths, the main points, and knowledge of the highest importance.  So the real […]

Selection Snubday.

Well it is safe to say that the selection committee has been replaced by the BCS computers because some of these selections need some serious explanation, oh and that Seth should be receiving a phone call from Bubblicious Gum sometime soon because they are missing a huge chance for a new spokes person. More ranting […]

Welcome Back to the Bubble?

So wow, that just happened.   Nothing like being so “emotionally drained” from the Saturday win over Duke that you can’t even play on Tuesday night.  The opening minutes were promising, watching Bell drop the first two baskets and then the game became a one man offense with most of the shots being thrown up […]

Who’s Your Daddy.. Duke Post Game.

Tough night for Dell Curry, do you cheer for your team, or cheer for your son?  Clearly he made the right decision cheering for his team (even if he was wearing a Duke shirt) and as Seth got another foul the Hokies started a lovely “Who’s your daddy” chant, thank you Cassell Guard, thank you. […]

Hokie Basketball Hero: GT

Ok, with our fearless leader (yeah, we all know that’s not true but it sounded good, right?) busy trying to better himself with education he has forgotten to look at the upcoming game tonight against GT.  Most of you don’t read this blog for intense basketball research or in-depth analysis, and if you do… you […]

Zombie Kill of the Game: UVA

Let me first say that I have seen some spirited fans at sporting events.  In recent seasons we have seen fans in costumes… the Spartan that supports VT, the guys who hollow out pumpkins and wear them like VT football helmets, and of course the ever popular college girl in next to no clothing**  But […]

Zombie Kill of the Game: Miami

Zombie Kill votes have been entered and tallied… And then completely ignored, your Zombie Kill of the Game is brought to you this week by Hurricane Tissues· “When your team makes you cry just that much..” ————-   So we tacked on another win this past weekend and with that win over Miami we cemented […]

Zombie Kill of the Game: UNC

Well, we tried to give them the game in the first quarter and they started to unwrap the gift but since they wouldn’t take the it we wrapped the bitch back up and put it away in the attic to be forgotten like so many Griswold gifts from years past. Once again I thought we […]