Game 11: Maryland

HUH?!?! What the hell? Where I am? What the hell happened last week? We just woke up. Join us in our journey back to consciousness, after the jump. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week lX8GG3dnsp8[/youtube] With two more wins and a Duke loss we can make the ACC Championship Game? A Pittsburgh Pirate […]

Game 10: Miami

  We don't even know. Hopefully you're on mobile, cuz we are phoning this shit in. Hit the jump for all the masocism you can stand. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week 3s5xsVHOJQs[/youtube] We know that angry and jaded probably doesn't look good on us. We don't care… We realize that not caring […]

Game 9: Boston College

Were you angry before? Well, you are now. Happy Halloween! This year, Virginia Tech decided to dress up as a ranked team! Do we even need to warn you at this point? Angry, drunken, curse-word-ridden ranting is ahead. Also, a BC "preview." Screw BC. I'm glad we'll win by 40. Stuff. Jump. Do it… —————– […]

Game 8: Duke

We're not even going to try and fool you this year. We're using this picture FOREVER! It's our blog and we can do what we want. OMG THERE IS SO MUCH TO COVER!! UVA lost. WVU lost. Everyone in the entire world lost last week! Best. Bye Week. Ever. We'll cover at least 10% of […]

The Official NEZ Hokie Drinking Game

So… we have a bye week. Bye weeks SUCK. They suck as much as noon games, 81, or having to hang out with someone who uses the phrase, "Ivy League of the South." So here's something that (hopefully) doesn't suck. The Official Hokie Football Drinking Game Last year, we thought we would start small and […]

Game 7: Pitt

Since we haven't beat Pitt in 13 years, we couldn't find a decent picture. So here's a picture from when Pitt beat UVA. Because f*ck UVA. They want to be called Pittsburgh. No one is ever calling them Pittsburgh. That name is reserved for teams that Pittsburghers actually care about. Hit the jump better than […]

Game 6: North Carolina

First it was Western Carolina. Then it was East Carolina. Now, it's North Carolina. If we play South Carolina in a bowl game, we might lose it. Not that we ever had it. Hit the jump if you know what's good for ya… —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week SSbBvKaM6sk[/youtube] In honor of […]

Game 5: Georgia Tech

   ENTER SANDMAN AND THURSDAY NIGHT GAMES IN BLACKSBURG: THAT'S WHAT VIRGINIA TECH DOES!! …wait… our only Thursday night game is on the road? ….against one of our biggest rivals? …on a short week? Scheduling geniuses. That's what we have. But it's the Georgia Tech game! If you can't get up for kicking some Paul […]

Game 4: Marshall

Who's ready for a noon game against Conference USA?!?! Don't laugh. This is like our 2nd best home game of the year. JUMP IT! —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week eBShN8qT4lk[/youtube] Did we pick this song because it starts out with "KICK IT!!"…. Yes. Yes we did. —————– East CarolinaThoughts Dude. Cody. What […]

Game 3: East Carolina

This week, we play the Pirates. The Pirates are having their most successful season since 1992. The Pirates are on fire and have sold out more games this year than the past 2 decades combined. …. Oh wait, those are the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pirates we play this week wear purple. And no one cares […]

Game 2: Western Carolina

Welp, that was fun, wasn't it? Who wants some ranting?? Jump it. —————– Non-Metallica Pump-Up Song of the Week iU9YM1Lfvt8[/youtube] —————– Alabama Thoughts Normally we just start rolling into last week, but we figured we might as well label it what it is.  First off, let's see what d_w has to say: It is […]

Game 1: Alabama

IT'S HEEEEEEEERE!!! IT'S HERE IT'S HERE IT'S HERE!!! We struggled to find a way to go into this week. Huge underdogs. Coming off a rough season. Well, after a few dozen beers or so, we've decided to go with… UNBRIDLED OPTIMISM!! Get ready to call us crazy, right after the jump… —————– Ok, well, before […]

Season Preview / Mini HateFest

We are still here!! We promise! Yes, we may have missed HateFest this year. Weddings, honeymoons, new jobs, and new locales will do that. But fear not! We have plenty of hate stored up for the coming season. So let's take a look at the coming year for the Hokies…. ————- Alabama We're gonna go […]

NEZ Live Blogs the 90’s: 3 Ninjas

So, it’s been a bit of a crazy month. Your humble editor has moved from a one-stop-light town in rural Indiana to just outside of NYC. I am currently residing in the only state a West Virginian can make fun of: New Jersey. Within 30 days, I will have moved 700 miles, started a new […]

NEZ Live Blogs the 90’s: Blank Check

  This is our new summer series: The NEZ Live Blog's the 90's. Our plan is to watch semi-bad kids movies from the 90's while drinking beer. There is exactly zero structure to this, so feel free to send us some tips for how to improve. First up: Blank Check.   ———————- The movie starts […]