HateFest 2012: Everything Else

OK we lied. There are still a few more people/things/objects/idiots left to hate. Given that we need to start writing about the teams, we’re going to wrap this up now since C Gally was a lazy sack of crap that didn’t write when he needed to, so here is the final abridged version. Hit the […]

HateFest 2012: Men Soccer Players

Men’s soccer. We know…we KNOW. We are talking about mother f*cking men’s soccer. But you know what? Soccer is pretty awesome. I play it, watch it, and have done so since I was three. Hell, even C Gally is known to bring some skill to the sport. However, after watching the game develop over the […]

HateFest 2012: Lane Kiffin defines jerkoff as “a stupid, bumbling, foolish, or lazy person; jerk.” Next to it is a picture of this guy: Ugh, so much hate right now His name? Well, you should all know this or else you will be the feature of our next HateFest article – Lane Kiffin. Welcome to HateFest, Lane, as […]

HateFest 2012: Seth Greenberg

Let’s begin HateFest 2012 by keeping it relevant. Today, we start with a rant on none other than former men’s basketball head coach Seth Greenberg. We bring you Megadouche    It’s no secret that NEZ despises this man, but it has become sweeter that we can rip on him even harder now because he no […]

The Many Faces of Seth are Gone

Yes, Hokies, we are STILL alive! No, we didn’t disappear and no, we weren’t attacked by an unruly mob that detests what we do here. Though, we don’t deny that groups like that exist. The boss (that’s what he calls himself now) has been doing you all a favor by doing nothing but applying for […]

neVer forgeT

Typically, our blog is full of shameless plugs, blurbs, one liners, and zingers. We often find ourselves involved in cheeky shenanigans that leave a lot to be desired. Whether it’s bashing UVA, hating Duke, or blasting our own sports teams, NEZ definitely knows how to entertain. Today, however, we are on a more serious notes. […]

March Madness Pool

What up reeeeeeeeaders?? Sadly, our Hokies were snubbed from both the NCAA and NIT tournaments. Durn. Who would have expected that?! So anyway, we decided we should still do a tournament pool to put your tourney pick ’em skills to the test. We don’t really have prizes, but we’ll probably think of something. Think you’re […]

ACC Tourney Quarterfinals: Duke

Tonight, we play Duke. And you know what? We only have one thing to say about that…   F*CK DUKE!!!!!!!    Yup. That’s all we have to say. You may now go back to the more important things in your life.   GO HOKIES!!!!  

ACC Tourney Round 1: Clemson

Holy shit! Two posts within two days?!?! And about BASKETBALL no less? Man, we are spoiling you rotten! In all likelihood, this is probably the last post we make, but who knows! Perhaps we’ll actually win today! In case you didn’t know, the ACC tournament starts today and the Hokies have drawn Clemson. This will […]

Hoops Regular Season Review

Oh we know you’ve all been looking forward to this write-up. Even though it wasn’t explicitly said that it would be done, you had to figure that we’d have a few words to say about this season, right? Seriously, where to begin? Honestly, not a whole lot of words can be said to describe what […]

Hokie Hoops vs. Klempson

OK, it’s official now. Anytime a basketball post is written on this site, the Hokies immediately lose. Then again, losing may be a direct result of us, ummm, well you know, SUCKING.Since the last post, we are now 0-2 with close losses to UVA and Duke. We’ll speak a bit more on that after the […]

Hokie Hoops vs. Virginia

Another sabbatical, but who wouldn’t during times like these? Listen, we’re trying our best not to get angry, but Greenberg is making it extremely tough. Since our last post for basketball, we’ve gone 3-3, so perhaps that might be the key. However, since we are playing rival Virginia tonight, there is absolutely no reason you […]

Hokie Hoops vs. Duke

Spot on analysis, D_W, and thanks for saying a few words while I was in hiatus. Truth be told, C Gally was supposed to give you guys a preview for UVA, but he failed miserably. I was writing one for Maryland, but then the site kept going down on me. Anyway, we’ve failed you as […]

Women’s Hoops vs. UNC

Yeah, that’s right. We said it. No, that is not a typo. With all due respect to women’s basketball, our guy’s team resembles a a bunch of prancing ballerinas that run, jump, and move around the three point line…except we do it with far less self-respect and even less finesse. Ugh. See, C Gally and […]

Hokies Hoops vs. Boston College

Ugh. Really, guys, really?! You know, we understand that Florida State isn’t a bad team, but for Jeebus’ sake, WTF. Falling to 0-2 in the ACC is not a good way to start. If we weren’t on the bubble before, we’re surely there now. What’s worse is that our schedule doesn’t get THAT much easier […]