Game 3: East Carolina Predictions

The Northerner was too busy lazy to post score predictions this week, while C Gally took the opportunity to force me into manual labor by writing this up. What a jerk. He won't even let me take the quarters from the change jar. Regardless, you know the drill…hit the jump for YOUR score predictions! ——————————————— […]

Hokie Hoops vs. UVA

OK I decided to start writing again. You might be wondering what I've been up to recently? Well, basically I've been sitting on my couch getting drunk off moonshine for the past 8 weeks and deemed everything else irrelevant. However, given that we're playing UVA, I figured now was as good a time as ever […]

Hokies are 7-0!!

Yeah buddy! We're officially 7-0 after an upset win over  #15 Oklahoma State! Gotta say – this is a heck of a basketball team. James Johnson is doing nothing but great things with this team!  Who woulda thought we could wakeup on men's hoops gamedays and actually be EXCITED! Let the good times roll!    […]

Hokie Hoops vs. Iowa

What up bitches?! Guess what? It's HOOPS season (er, okay, it's been hoops season for five games now). But say what?! We still have a basketball team? Damn right we do and actually it's been quite an exciting start to the season. We play Iowa tonight at 7:15 PM, so here's your very first bball […]

Suckfest: Marcus Davis, the Littlest Bitch

Marcus Davis really is a little bitch. He has all the athletic ability in the world, but rarely puts it to use. He is the smallest of bitches. If you know of a tinier bitch, please let us know. Really. We’d like to see what he’s up against. Below is a compilation of just how […]

We Lost to DA U…

WE LOST TO F*CKING MIAMI. <Insert hundreds and thousands of expletives here>. How in the hell do you manage to do something like that?! If there could possibly be one team we hate more than UVA, it’s DA U. And guess what? DA U put us in our place. Putting up 12 points against one […]

Game 9: Miami Predictions

How come hurricanes generally hit the week we play Miami?  Is that some kind of cruel joke? Jump it. ——————————————— No one wins.  That Clemson game was awful.  That seems to be the theme of the season.  When we win, we look decent, when we lose we look like CGally is playing QB, DiP is […]

Angry Reaction to Clemson

OK. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We started off looking damn good. Things were great! We forced Clemson into a three and out on their opening drive and then marched down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Just what we needed! It all went down hill after that and I bet almost EVERY Hokie fan saw […]

Immediate Postgame Thoughts

THIS ONE IS FOR YOU, COACHES OK. Enough is enough. I am really f*cking angry. There are NO excuses for this; none WHATSOEVER. We are a JOKE of a football team and suck more on weekends than Lindsay Lohan. These thoughts absolutely could not wait until Monday. They are coming NOW. HIT THE JUMP IF […]

Game 6: UNC Predictions

Let me preface this by saying The Northerner is out of town (or something) and forgot his laptop, so I am left with posting the predictions. This is their way of making me do more work for free. Jerks. But anyway, we suck. Seriously, we are just awful right now. I’m pretty sure Geno Smith […]

BDubs’s Angry Thoughts

OK. Well, I debated on whether or not to write anything, but honestly, some things have obviously got to be said. I was at the game and watched our defense collapse against Cinci-effing-nnati in the final seconds. On the plus side, tailgating was sweet. However, everything else was straight garbage. Hit the jump for more. […]

Post Game Bowling Green Thoughts

We’re 3-1, bitches! We beat Bowling Green 37-0! Woo! However, do you think I am completely happy with that result? If you guessed yes, then you don’t read this blog enough, should die of gonorrhea and rot in hell. If you guessed no, then you win some lint from my pocket and a free mustache […]

BDubs’s Pittsburgh Post Game Thoughts

It is NOT a beautiful day in the f*cking neighborhood!!! Devastated. Dominated. Destroyed. Defeated. You get the idea…and there are probably far more adjectives to use for this game (and they all don’t start with d, either). Regardless, the Hokies were handed their first loss of the season in the ugliest way possible, going down […]

BDubs’s Postgame Thoughts

Woohoo! At least we’re 2-0! After a 42-7 victory over Austin Pee, we are now 2-0. At least there is that because it wasn’t exactly the domination we were all hoping for in this game. Though, it could be worse – we could be Arkansas. Yikes. So, why are we unhappy with this 2-0 record? […]

BDubs’s Thoughts

Those glowing arches make it all worth it Eh, so what it wasn’t pretty! We got a mother effing W against an ACC foe. Plus it was a Coastal foe, so that makes it even sweeter. Yeah, LT3 needs to stop airmailing passes. Sure, Voldemort still sucks. And yeah, Big Beamer nearly cost us the […]