The Official NEZ Hokie Drinking Game

So… we have a bye week.

Bye weeks SUCK.

They suck as much as noon games, 81, or having to hang out with someone who uses the phrase, "Ivy League of the South."

So here's something that (hopefully) doesn't suck.

The Official Hokie Football Drinking Game

Last year, we thought we would start small and only drink a shot for every Logan Thomas overthrow.

After our liver transplants, we decided to switch to drinks of beer.

So now, we make it official.

Here we go!


Optional Group Rules

Everyone picks a player before the game.

If your player is involved in a touchdown, you have to do a shot of Wild Turkey.

And don't puss out and pick someone like Leal or some shit.


All other rules:

Drink 1 for every…

Time you wish you were in Blacksburg

Logan Thomas overthrow (of course)

Bud Foster angry face

Wasted timeout on offense in the 2nd or 4th quarters

Punt that should be fair caught but isn't

Offensive line penalty

Run up the middle for no gain

Dropped pass

Super obvious QB draw on 3rd (or 4th) and short


Drink 2 for every…

Hokie field goal


Wasted timeout in the 1st or 3rd quarters

Special teams miscue

Hokie sack

Beamer face


Drink 3 for every…

Pun used by the announcers involving Kalvin Cline or Dadi Nicholas

Turnover gained (HAPPY DRINK!)

Turnover lost (sad drink…)

Stinespring special (bubble screen on 3rd and long)

Potential Zombie Kill of the Week


Finish your drink for every…

Hokie touchdown

Safety (cuz safeties are freaking AWESOME)

Blocked kick (cuz bloacked kicks are SUPER AWESOME)




Additional random rule

Drink whenever you want. It's a game, not a cop.


Feel free to add your own. Not that we need motivation to drink more, but it's always nice to have an excuse.