Game 8: Duke Predictions

Ok, this has to be quick.  The Sox are losing in the 8th and I need to finish watching this game.  Hit the jump.  Oh yeah, we're playing Duke.
We had a bye week last week.  I love bye weeks.  I get to have a day of not having heart troubles.  Crap.  Napoli just flied out to shallow center.  This isn't looking good.  Anyways, moving on.  There was probably a winner from the week before, but honestly, I don't care.  We had a bye week.  And as CGally said, what a bye week.  Duke beat UVA.  WVU lost.  Texas A&M lost.  THE REDSKINS WON.  Now. I'm a Pats fan (shut up) but Token Girl is a Skins fan, and I'm sure most of you are also kinda dumb like her, so it was a good week for you all! I'm happy for you.  So let's just say you're all the winners.  Good job.    
Top of the 9th, Koji is in.  I'm not a fan of this decision.  Also wasn't a fan of the Breslow decision, but no one listens to me.  Alright, let's move on to the predictions.  
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: While I thoroughly enjoyed erupting in laughter while UVA choked up a 22-0 lead on Duke, it's now time to crush these creampuffs and take another step toward the ACC title game. Hokies win in a laughter 41-14.
DiP: 34-13 hokies a lot of top 15 teams playing ranked teams this week.  hokies come to play move to 11 next week in the bcs
d_w: The defense had the entire bye week dealing with Bud Foster remembering how they didn't get the safety against Pitt when they had the chance.. watch for them not to miss another chance like that and to retake the NCAA lead for interceptions (13), and according to ESPN Stats we are tied with Clemson for most team sacks (27), that chances this weekend too. Hokies win 45-12.
Wright: Hokies 27-10…fumble return TD and Logan runs for 100+.
CMU Football Analyst: The Blue Devils are blinded by the amazing "Orange Effect" at Lane. Hokies win 33-13.
Poppa Gally: Hokies 35 – Blew Devils 0 11 ….A blocked kick and a defensive TD…. !!
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon: Again?  Geez man, stop helping humanity and SUBMIT YOUR PREDICTION.
Maniak: 45-10.  f&$# reddick.
GWay: I feel like I know what picture we're going to see in this week's post. The offense shows up this week, only to give us false hope for the rest of the season. The defense dominates like usual with a couple of picks, and the Hokies take it, 38-9. 
JMcB: 35-14 VT
I'd put in some clever comment, but it's Duke.
Token Girl: 42-10 hokies…I mean really, we're talking about duke here.
CGally: Coming off of a bye week, the defense gets hungry. They force 3 turnovers and score on one. Logan Thomas throw for three times as many yards in the first half as he does in the second half. Hokies win, 28-9
The Northerner: Have a had a taste of the Kool Aid?  Yes I have.  Hokies dominate 48-13.  Defense has at least a score, and Logan Thomas doesn't look horrible.  
Dammit they lost game 2.  I knew they wasted all their luck last night.  Guh.  Why don't you guys feel bad for me?  Go Hokies.
There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!

Game 8: Duke Predictions


Oh Duke.  How we hate you.  Granted you’re number one in the preseason basketball polls, but you are still dead last in the ACC, nay, college football. 


This week, we had an unprecedented thing happen.  Someone has won two weeks in a row.  And oddly enough, it was a girl.  That’s right, Token Girl has now won the prediction game two weeks in a row.  For her incredible luck, she is going to win:

A tree!  Get it?  Wake Forest.  Forests have trees.  Shut up.  It’s the best I could think of.
Anyways onto the predictions!

BDubs:  52-17 Hokies

DiP:  48-17 hokies
d_w:  52-10.. hokies win.. we see more of Logan, Bud Foster takes over the offense for one set of downs and calls an end around to Logan Thomas who stops and throws the ball for a TD.

BBull:  Going with 49-14 Tech at the half, 56-28 final score.

Wright:  41-20 Hokies

Poppa Gally:  Ahhhh…THE DOOKIES!!!    The score will be = ∞ to 6!!! (AS DEFINED BY WEBSTER: Infinity – that refers to a quantity without bound or end.) I can’t predict how high our score will be…… For sure …ONE BLOCKED KICK!!

CMU Football Analyst:  34-9 VT The spread is 26 freaking points.  I like Duke to cover.

Hokie Ambassador to Philly:  44-9 Hokies

Maniak:  we win by the age of the girls that the duke lacrosse players accosted: 16

MeetBag: Sweet… I finally remembered to reply.  We cover but barely… 41-14 H-O-K-I-E-S!

Hokie Guru:  Every week, I make a prediction that a defensive or special teams TD is coming… well, again, this is the week lol… Duke can pass the football vs. bad defenses… Virginia Tech has an excellent defense and will score a BeamerBall-like TD.  Tyrod Taylor, already cemented in my list of greatest Hokies ever, will continue to put his stamp in the Virginia Tech football record books.  Logan Thomas will see substantial action in the second half.  Was it me, or did I see a modified, conservative spread formation last week?  I wasn’t drinking… the running lanes looked like they were a bit more open.  We continue that… Hokies win 49-10 (and we more than cover the spread).  [Ed. Note:  When the hell did we start allowing novellas in the score predictions?]

Bobby the Ginger:  VT 45 Duke 17.  The Lane faithful will get another Logan Thomas sighting, but only after Tyrod puts up 220+ passing and 3 TDs.  RyanWilliams gets 8 carries for 40 yards and a TD in his return.

GWay:  38-17 Hokies

JMcB:  56-7. Every year Heather Dinich says Duke will get better. Every year she is wrong.

Token Girl:  This is a tough one….a lot of the predictions are so close….I’m going to go with 55-13. GO HOKIES!

CGally:  35 – 10 Hokies… ONE BLOCKED KICK!!

The Northerner: 56 – 13 Hokies.  Yeah, I just Price-Is-Righted Token Girl’s ass.  Logan “International Airport” Thomas heaves one into the North End Zone and Dyrell Roberts pulls it down.  At least once.  Maybe twice. 

Like CGally said in the preview.  It was nice to relax in the second half of a football game for once.  Let’s do it again.

Gobble gobble, bitches.