Game 3: East Carolina Predictions

The Northerner was too busy lazy to post score predictions this week, while C Gally took the opportunity to force me into manual labor by writing this up. What a jerk. He won't even let me take the quarters from the change jar. Regardless, you know the drill…hit the jump for YOUR score predictions!

And because I was forced to post this prediction post, I hereby deem MYSELF as the winner of score prediction from last week. Damn the rule that doesn't allow contributors to win. Nevermind the fact I overestimated both teams scoring prowess and made a horrible joke in the score prediction. I STILL WIN. As the winner, I hereby give myself:
*Amendment: ugh, fine. Someone else get's this AWESOME prize because C Gally has yet again enforced his dictatorship. So yeah, I suppose the real winner is: GWAY!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
Congratulations ya tool.
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: Unfortunately, it looks like ECU will have a huge tailgating advantage this weekend. Turns out that Greenville Police have stated that all ECU grads can park in any available handicap space. All they have to do is hang their diploma off their rear view mirror. Tough luck for the Hokies there. But even with that, ECU stands no chance against our defense and our offense takes another mini-step in the right direction. Hokies 31, Pirates 10
DiP:  ECU has no D, Hokies have a suspect O.  But talent prevails 27-13 hokies.
d_w: Just like Western Carolina, East Carolina gets smashed by the Lunch Pail and the offense manages to keep it together long enough for another win. Hokies win 35-17 and we get to see Mark Leal throw a TD to Logan Thomas.
Wright: The biggest risk of this game is our players getting hurt on ECU's crappy AstroTurf. Hokies take it 34-18 with two picks, one for a TD, and an actual blocked kick like the good old days.
CMU Football Analyst: Western Carolina down, two more directional Carolina schools to go. Unless Tech plays South Carolina in a bowl game, which would be hilariously awesome. Hokies 24, EASTERN Carolina 20.
Poppa Gally: Hokies break out with a 30 point win….VT 42 – THEM 7 (ed. note: Poppa Gally is losing his touch. No blocked kick(s) prediction and nothing but periods here. WTF?!)
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon:  We're playing a bunch of purple and yellow pirates from directional Carolina who look like they skinned the cast of Barney and Friends to make their uniforms. I should have something witty, clever, and/or funny to say, but I'm far too sober for that. The Hokie D will play lights out like it always does, the offense will be anemic as it always is, and Tech will win in a game that will be way closer than it should be. Good guys 24, the other guys 20.
Maniak: Our defense looks like Barry's pitching in our first softball game last Sunday (lights out) … but our offense looks like his pitching in our second softball game last Sunday (ERA of 135.6) … we still win, but it aint pretty.  Is Jameel Sewell still playing?  28-10, Hokies win.
STH Hokie:  I've always been perplexed by the misspelling of ECU. What the hell is an ecu? Ecumenical? Too big of a word. Screw that. I'm pretty sure it's spelled, "EMU," like the flightless bird. This is pretty ironic given that the emus want to take flight against the other flightless bird, the Hokies. Either way, this game will end like the movie "Chicken Run," with a bunch of flightless birds trying to fly. But only one can prevail! In the end, the baddest bird native to Virginia will soar against the largest native bird in Australia. 

21-17 Hokies over the Emus
GWay:  Lots of running, lots of overthrown balls, lots of defense, and lots of drinking. Hokies 38-Pirates 17.
JMcB: Because of his absence, NEZ will do his score prediction in abstentia: We win.
Token Girl: 31- 10 hokies! (ed. note: really? That's the best you could do?!)
CGally:  Offense struggles. Defense wins it with 2 defensive scores.
Tech wins, 28-17. I also owe Barry $5 and my soul. (ed. note: he didn't actually write this, but I think our readers deserved to know)
The Northerner: No score prediction. He was soooooooo busy he couldn't even give us a score prediction. Lame.

Nobody picked against VT. Good for you. You will all survive another week because let's face it, I don't want to be published and made famous by NEZ said NOBODY EVER.
Are we going to win? Yes. Will it be close? Depends on who you ask. One thing's for sure, nobody will be getting the banhammer after this week.
And just because I wanted to keep some of what The Northerner does in this post the same, here it is:
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!