Game 11: Maryland Predictions

So, that happened.  Still kind of speechless, to be honest.  In a good way.  Hit the jump.
Not sure how I feel about this right now.  I mean don't get me wrong, I love LOVE the fact that we doo-dooed on Miami in their house.  It was awesome.  Even if halfway through the fourth quarter, up by 14, I still thought we would find a way to lose.  But we didn't!  Now the confusion of how I feel.  How can we go and play great like we did this past weekend on the road, and yet still LOSE TO DUKE AND BC WHILE ONLY PUTTING 10 POINTS ON THE BOARD AT HOME AGAINST DUKE?! This team is so bipolar, it needs medication.  But am I going to be angry about beating the crap out of Miami and dropping them 14 spots in the rankings? HAHAHAHA no.  That was AWESOME.  I'm sure you agree.  
And as for the winner of last week, well that would be none other than who the hell knows?  Let's say DiP! No wait, he guessed basically the closest score, but that Benedict Arnold chose Miami, so he's out.  Good riddance, traitor.  I don't really feel like doing math right now, so we'll pick Hokie Ambassador to Lebanon!  He's doing good things over in the Middle East, so let's give him a win.  Good job, buddy! Keep doing what you're doing and make all of us look like terrible humans.  Especially DiP. Always DiP.  
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: It's Senior Day and I was there in-person to see how bad Maryland is at football. I guess that douche from Wedding Crashers, though right about Maryland being known for crab cakes, was absolutely wrong about them being known for football. Hokies take it 42-3 as we go for it on fourth down unless we're inside the 10. 
DiP: Is there anyone ANYONE on a campus of 27k that can kick lets find out this week.  30 -10   4 touchdowns 1 fg and 1 missed PAT [Ed. note: Since this is DiP, no one knows if he has picked VT or Maryland.  Let's just go with his previous voting history, and assume he has picked Maryland.  Traitor.]
d_w: No extra points or fields attempted during this game for the hokies as they lay into the terps winning 22-3.
Poppa Gally:  I'm guessing Hokies win with a blocked kick? Yeah, let's go with that.  
Wright: Hokies 27-10. We look ahead a bit and come out flat, but Maryland just sucks in every way possible. New kicker goes perfect for the day.
CMU Football Analyst: I preface this by saying that I'm allowed to pick Maryland because I'm currently in grad school there. I witnessed last week's Syracuse game. It was cold, windy, the offense sucked so we left early to get frozen yogurt. Maryland scored a measly 3 points against Syracuse! This is a complete homer pick. Our offense bounces back and the Terps win 20-12.
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon: And no prediction.  Good job, winner.   
Maniak: i'll be there for this debacle….Hokies 35 – Maryland F#$kheads 14
GWay: LT reverts again, Hokies play another close one but eventually pull out the win 21-16
JMcB: So much for the "not allowed to pick against Tech" rule. Whatever.
VT 48, MD 14
Token Girl: I didn't give a prediction last week and that seemed to work well…
I will say, hokies you should beat the terps, I'm from MD and I hate them…and my parents who both went to MD will likely be cheering for the hokies.
CGally: Are we going to go for 2 every time we score?
If we score…
Defense shuts down Maryland, but the offense regresses to near Duke levels. A big special teams play will spark us to a dominating 17-6 victory.
The Northerner: Hokies get back to winning form this week and give Maryland a nice send off to the Big Ten.  We don't use a kicker other than kickoffs, and our defense is better-than-most but hurting due to Exum and Older Fuller being out.  28 – 14.  Those 28 points come off four TDs, and 2 2-pt conversions.  We also miss on two.  
So I just realized I said absolutely NOTHING about Maryland in this post.  But to be honest, what do I say about them?  So long, and thanks for nothing, jerks.  They're headed to the Big Ten next season, where they will promptly get destroyed by every team they face.  Even Penn state is going to have a field day stomping all over them, much like JoePa did with that school's reputation.  So, have fun being a poser, Twerps.  Should have stayed in the ACC where, apparently, parity is a thing now.  
There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!