Game 10: Miami Predictions

Much like the Hokies the last two weeks, I'm phoning this one in.  Jump.
You know what's worse than watching VT lose in horrible fashion to BC?  Watching it in person.  This is twice now that I have seen BC make fools of us while I'm mere feet from the field.  I'm tired of it.  But, hey! Miami. Not like this could go poorly at all.  Oh and by the way, I'm temporarily stopping the "pick against us and get banned" rule, because even at this point, forced optimism just seems so…forced.  Womp womp.
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: Whatever. Hokies 5, Canes 3.
DiP: yay no banning….so it looks like stienspring is still calling plays and logan thomas looks like Grant Noel ….. 31-17 Miami ….the spread is 6.5 for miami….take whatever money you have and put it on Miami
d_w: i dont know how.. but the hokies win this week 17-14, after the refs have to break up a fight between the HokieBird and Sebastian the Ibis
Poppa Gally:  Hokies will really disappoint us this week and BEAT MIAMI…..wouldn’t that suck….lose to Duke….Beat Miami!! VT 17 – canes 13
Wright: I believe in miracles…Hokies 27-23.
CMU Football Analyst: Virginia Tech has been playing Miami since 1953 and didn't get their first win until 1995. The Hokies won that game by a score of 13-7. They match that same score this time.
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon:  26 – 19 Hokies… I don't have any idea how.
Maniak: i still have faith after reading andy bitter's response to the game last week…but i am couching my response…
>1.5 turnovers we lose … 31-27 but not as close as it sounds
<1.5 turnovers we win … 24-21 and the northerner has a heart attack
GWay: I believe! This will be one of those times where the offense actually has it together enough to make sure we don't lose. Hokies take it 17-10
JMcB: Like everyone is saying, it's gut check time. We're the underdogs. It's Miami. I am going throwback to 2005…not the same score, but we'll play spoiler this time, keeping Miami out of the ACC Championship
VT 24, Miami 20
Token Girl: Even though I live with her, she can't be bothered to tell me a score prediction.  Figures.
CGally: Everyone on Miami gets hurt. Logan Thomas goes back to playing like he did in 2011 (somehow). We get angry. Hokies win behind ACC SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER OF THE WEEK CODY JOURNELL's 5 field goals. 15 – 14 Hokies.
The Northerner: Awful game.  Even if we win, it's going to be all because of the defense.  Hokies win in a struggle, 12-9.  
From Deadspin, about Logan Thomas:
With three games to go in his career, he's no closer to fulfilling his enormous potential than he was three years ago.
Truer words hath never been spoken. 
Oh, and in their rankings of all Div I teams, we're ranked 43.  Duke is 42.  Let that sink in.
There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!