The game hasn’t finished yet, but we figured we’d go ahead and start putting down our intelligent, well thought-out analysis of this game.

F*ck everything about this team.

We just went to over time against 2-8 Boston College.

F*ck everything about this dog shit, dumpster fire of a team.

The coaching on this team is an absolute joke. The fact that this passes as Division I football is laughable. They were just out-coached by Frank Spaziani. Let that sink in.

The special teams? Attrocious. The offense? Warmed over vomit. The defense? Another late game let down.

If you had told us 5 years ago that, in 2012, we’d be 4-6, battling for our lives in overtime against a 2-8 Boston College team, we would have said, “Yeah, probably.”

Know why? Because accepting mediocrity for years and years is a great way to destroy a program.

And that’s exactly what we did.

The longer these do-nothing assistants stay on the staff, nothing is going to get better. Voldemort and O’Cain should have been fired at half time of this game. They should have been fired a long, long time ago.

But Frank Beamer has balls of Play’doh. He couldn’t pull the trigger on an obvious coaching change that had to be made. He can’t win big games, and he’s not going to until he can tell his friends they haven’t performed to standard.

So here’s to becoming Nebraska / Penn State / Miami.

Oh… those programs had national titles? Well, our two BCS bowl wins were kinda neat.