Suckfest: Marcus Davis, the Littlest Bitch

Marcus Davis really is a little bitch. He has all the athletic ability in the world, but rarely puts it to use. He is the smallest of bitches. If you know of a tinier bitch, please let us know. Really. We’d like to see what he’s up against. Below is a compilation of just how little of a bitch he is against FSU. If you haven’t, please sit back, grab a beer, and be ready to shake your head or scream (this video highlights him before each play, so be on the lookout). We bring you Marcus Davis, the Littlest Bitch.

Fear not, Hokies, it has just come to our attention that Marcus Davis has been benched and will not start this weekend’s game against BC. Instead, it will be Corey Fuller and Demitri Knowles lining up out wide when the game starts. Who woulda thought our coaches would actually take some accountability and do the right thing?!