Russell Athletic Bowl Predictions


Oh hey, I didn’t see you there.  How’s it going?  We haven’t talked in quite a while, huh?  I blame CGally.  Anyways, here we are at the end of our season (Thank Jeebus) and we play Rutgers in the M&Ms Yankee Candle Hunger Games Shoe Rack Bowl. Or something like that.  Russell Athletic Bowl?  Cool, yeah that one.

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We didn’t do a UVA predictions post.  Womp womp.  No one wins, even though we won.  Yay!  To many of us, our season was saved in that game alone, extending our streak of beating UVA to 9 games/years.  Here’s a great little anecdote about that streak: no one has ever been able to post of Facebook “We beat VT finally! Yay University of Virginia! Our lives have meaning!”  because Facebook didn’t exist the last time UVA beat us.  So that’s pretty awesome.  Let’s hope this keeps going for another nine years.  Stupid Hoos.


Onto the bowl game predictions!

Your predictions:

BDubs:  What a lose lose situation. Win and we earn nothing. Lose and it's just another Big East team to kick our asses. Seriously, what can we accomplish? I predict a win and that immediately after we fire O'Cain and Newsome while announcing that Stiney is reassigned to another role. Woohoo! Hokies 23-13

DiP: 24 20 hokies

d_w: Hokies win.. 31-27.. Save your energy and some drinks for the post game interviews/press conference, maybe we will get some good news before they leave Orlando

Wright: Hokies close out with a winning record, win an ugly one 23-17

CMU Football Analyst: I predict a low-scoring game played by two rusty offenses that weren't good to begin with. Hokies 17, scarlet knights 9.

Poppa Gally: We’ve had 1 blocked kick this year…….We are due to block a kick and it will be the deciding factor——– Hokies win 35 – 34!!!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee:  We will not go 0-3 against the Big East. Hokies win 24-10

Maniak:  21-17 hokies. 

Hokie Guru: Virginia Tech 14 

Rutgers 6

GWay: 17-14 Hokies

Token Girl: 27-17 hokies…..or flippity flop-waggle babble….because the score doesn't really matter as llong as the right coaches are released from the team 🙂

CGally: We batter them so badly, Chris Christie will be asking Obama for help.

Hokies win, 27-7

The Northerner:   As a cherry on top of the crap sundae that is our season, we will win a squeaker 17-14 with a late 4th quarter field goal in a boring and sloppy game.  LT gets one TD on a QB sneak sometime in the second quarter. Who knows who gets the other one. 


So here we are, the end of another season.  This one worse than all the others.  But there is hope for hope in the future.  Hope that we make some coaching changes in the offseason that actually improve our offense and defense.  But one way or another, our season is over tonight.  I wish I could say it’s been great, but let’s be honest.  It wasn’t  It was frustrating, it was horrifying, it was Hokie football. 

One final thing, because we don’t want to end this on a low note.  For all the crap we’ve given Antone Exum for his on-the-field shortcomings, this guy has a pretty big heart in his chest.  For those of you who missed it, read this article.  And try to bite your tongue next time he blows his coverage.  He’s probably done more good this holiday season than you. 


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!