Immediate Postgame Thoughts


OK. Enough is enough. I am really f*cking angry. There are NO excuses for this; none WHATSOEVER. We are a JOKE of a football team and suck more on weekends than Lindsay Lohan. These thoughts absolutely could not wait until Monday. They are coming NOW. HIT THE JUMP IF YOU ARE AS ANGRY AS ME.


Our defense is effing pathetic. I was giving Bud a pass for much of the year because of our offensive woes, but it has become QUITE apparent that this bunch of players are terrible. I heard before the season that this could be our best front seven ever. This has been one of the worst. Our dline gets NO push and they get mauled by every offensive line imaginable. In my factual corner, I said we needed to watch out for Bernard and he torched us. So did AJ Blue. Their entire offense just dominated us. Plain and simple – this is one of Bud’s weakest defenses ever. NO MORE EXCUSES.

Speaking of Bernard and Blue…they spearheaded a rushing attack that got 339 yards!!! To put that in perspective, our ENTIRE OFFENSE put up 392. F*CK!! THAT IS SO PATHETIC!!!! Bernard had 261 of those yards and Blue another 58. THEY AVERAGED 7.5 YARDS A CARRY!! When their rushing attack nearly beats our ENTIRE attack then something is very, VERY wrong.

Michael Cole and Detrick Bonner have absolutely no business being on the football field. Both of them whiff on tackles and neither one of them are any good in coverage. Why are they even out there?!?! Again, Exum is a f*cking clown as he continues to run his mouth and make himself look stupid – two personal fouls in this one (he’s lucky they were both offset by a UNC penalty). Our secondary is just awful.

WHY DO WE ALWAYS GO DEEP ON THIRD AND LONG?! Why not try and just get the first down?! And WHY do we go deep if we KNOW we’re going for it on fourth down?? Seriously. That is just atrocious. See play calling below. Gah.

Marcus Davis. WTF?! You are insanely athletic, but you take WAY too many plays off. Get your f*cking head out of your ass and catch the ball or make a block – you can’t just play when you want to…if you want to make any NFL money, you gotta stop being an idiot.

Michael Holmes. WTF?! You dance, prance, and get the ball torn out of your hands. You are a joke. There is no reason to run him out there. Scales and Coleman are the better playmakers at running back. However, we only had 37 total rushing yards!! WTF?!?!?! You can’t win football games if you can’t run the ball. What happened to the days where we would average 200 yards rushing a game???

I am really tired of our offensive line (nothing new here). Newsome is just BAD at forming and coaching offensive lines. When we run the ball, nine times out of ten the defensive linemen are already in the backfield and blow up our run before we can get it set. That’s a joke. Our pass blocking isn’t all that great, either. I swear, it seems like LT3 is running for his life a lot more this year than he was last year.

Play calling? Yadda yadda yadda. Nothing to see here. Same shit, different Saturday. YOU SUCK VOLDEMORT!!!

Beamer is CLEARLY over his head with special teams. I give him NO credit for the kick return for a TD by Knowles. That was all Knowles and his speed. Other than that? It’s a freaking joke.

CHANGES HAVE GOT TO BE MADE. This 10 win season is DEFINITELY not happening and we are NOT going to the ACC Championship game. We suck.


Seriously that was a joke. I am so glad I didn’t waste my time or money going to Chapel Hill for this game. In fact, I have no desire to travel anymore for our games if we are going to look like that. I still love my Hokies, but dammit, the complacency has FINALLY caught up with Frank. It’s time to make a massive change and if he can’t do it then HE NEEDS TO RETIRE.