Hoops Regular Season Review

Oh we know you’ve all been looking forward to this write-up. Even though it wasn’t explicitly said that it would be done, you had to figure that we’d have a few words to say about this season, right? Seriously, where to begin? Honestly, not a whole lot of words can be said to describe what took place this season. When asked to contribute, C Gally said, “yeah, I tried to think of something to write; just…too angry.” OK, so that’s a good place to start, but let’s delve a little deeper into the despair of the men’s hoops team. Read on, suckas.


Well said, Fry, well said



We feel that is an appropriate way to start. While we all assumed a drop-off was coming, we never imagined it would be this substantial. We finished the season at 15-16, going 4-12 in the ACC – good enough to tie GT, BC, and Wake for last place. Lovely. The last time we finished below .500 was in the 05-06 season. Ironically, we finished with the same ACC record and an overall record of 14-16 – interesting.

Yeah, sorry, we decided not to asterisk out the naughty word – it just felt appropriate this time around. But in all seriousness that was, without a doubt, one of the worst seasons Seth has ever put together. People are going to blame youth and injuries, but give me a damn break – with the talent we supposedly brought in, we could have done worlds better. So, in Seth’s nine year tenure, we’ve now made the NCAA tournament once. Sure, before Greenberg came to town, we had only made the postseason once in the previous 20 years, but at this point, we have to wonder…what the *uck is going on? And for all you fans who want to let Seth work with his star class, then fine. But you know what? One more year. That is all he should get and he absolutely has to get us in the NCAA tournament (with no bubble talk). If he can do that, then we’ll talk about keeping him around, but for now…



What Should We Do Now?

Honestly, this is a damn good question. What ARE we going to do now? Unless we miraculously win the ACC tournament (bahahahahahaha), then we’re likely done for the season. Rumors are swirling that we wouldn’t even accept a CBI bid if offered because it’s too expensive to participate. Then again, it’s not like we’re a lock for an invitation, either! Yeah, it’s that pathetic. However, this team needs all the practice it can get, so participate for that very reason. Buuuuut, we suppose that a school spending money on this team may not be a wise thing to do – it really might not be worth seeing us lose in the first round…to Florida Gulf Coast…in the CBI. Guh.

Oh, did you guys hear that Erick Green might not be back next season? There’s a lot of smoke to this rumor, so we’ll see if it leads us to fire. Did anyone else notice that he was benched at the start of the second half? Seth was irritated to talk about the situation after the game, so clearly there are some issues at hand here. If Green doesn’t come back, then where would he go? Transfer? Nope. NBA? No way in hell. Overseas? Perhaps…regardless, this team is even more *ucked next year if he doesn’t come back! And if that’s the case then…


Yeah that’s right – screw you guys, I’m going home


 Most Valuable Player

Speaking of Green, he was hands down our best player this year and was a key reason we even won 4 games in the ACC. Without him, we’re pretty sure we would have finished 0-16. Can you imagine? He finished the season averaging 15.3 points, 3.2 rebounds, 2.8 assists, 1.5 steals, and only 1.4 turnovers per game. He has made significant leaps in his first three years here and hopefully he decides to stick around next year. If so, there is no telling what he might be able to do for the team.


Gettin’ it done on a nightly basis

Least Valuable Player Person on Our Team

While many may disagree, the least valuable person on this team was Seth Greenberg. This was supposed to be our best recruiting class ever, yet we turned in an abysmal performance this season. There are only two elite, one really good, and one good team in the ACC. The other eight are average to pathetic. Yet, we could only win four games. Again, there is no using youth as an excuse. Did you know when Delaney and Allen were both freshmen that we won 20+ games that season? Yet this year, with this so called impressive class, we won 14. Too often we saw the players not responding to Seth, he was always berating players, and could not run a decent offense. For that, he certainly deserves the least valuable person to this basketball team. At least everyone else contributed in SOME fashion – hell, even Joey Racer was able to make a few plays!




The Many Faces of Seth Greenberg

Because we honestly could not think of anything else to write about, we decided to include a little feature that will showcase all the different faces of Seth throughout the season. You will probably see a lot of similarities, but these are really just priceless. We all hope you enjoy the photo montage.



Delusional NEZ Fan of the Week

Well, just because we wanted to show off how much people love us, we decided to include this small little segment into the season review recap. This week, via twitter, we bring you the most delusional NEZ fan of the week.

@Linds_ayee said “My fav Hokie sports blog followed me today. #success”

While we appreciate the love, Linds, we should not be your favorite sports blog; nor should we be ANYONE’S favorite sports blog for that matter. So, guess what? What do five fingers say to the face?


That’s right. I’m Rick James, biotch.


Well ladies and gentlemen, we will have at least one more basketball preview tomorrow. Though, we’ve played Clemson twice now, so I am not sure what to say at this point. Don’t worry – something good will be planned.

Hopefully you enjoyed the season review/other random things and as always…