Hokie Hoops vs. Virginia

Another sabbatical, but who wouldn’t during times like these? Listen, we’re trying our best not to get angry, but Greenberg is making it extremely tough. Since our last post for basketball, we’ve gone 3-3, so perhaps that might be the key. However, since we are playing rival Virginia tonight, there is absolutely no reason you awesome delusional readers shouldn’t get a write-up. So, go ahead and click the jump to read a bit more about this game we have going on tonight. We don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Seth, you kinda suck now


Actually, if we’re being honest, upper management (i.e., C Gally) told me to write or die. Yeah, pretty serious, right? Ironically, when he said that, I happened to be watching the South Park episode where the school was voting on a new mascot. 


Yeah, C Gally actually sent PDiddy to my house


Rant on past six games

Yeah, I know I have been slacking, but would you people have read this stuff anyway? Anyway, as pointed out in the introduction, we are 3-3 since I last wrote an article. That’s not too shabby. Then again, those wins have come against bottom feeders in the ACC (Clemson, BC, GT) and we beat all of them by a combined 4 points. Talk about domination. We also blew a 14 point lead with 14 minutes to play against Florida State. Awesome.

So, let’s take a moment to reflect on what The Northerner had to say. It’s true – it really is time for Seth to go. People can blame this team on youth and injuries, but that is just a load of crap. When Zabe and Gordon were both freshmen, we were able to win over 20 games. We’ve also been injured the last 3-4 years, but we never used that as an excuse. The bottom line is we have a completely inept offense and when things start getting good (see FSU), we go into Beamer/Stiney mode and try and kill the clock. Against Clemson we did that and nearly lost. The same thing happened against FSU and we lost on a buzzer beater (though, wtf happened on all those free throws??). 

Lastly, when you can only beat teams like GT and BC by one point you know your team is just awful. Plus we needed an overtime to beat GT. That’s absolutely pathetic. Not to mention the plays Greenberg drew up at the end of regulation and OT were just horrible, but we know everyone saw that. What’s even more hilarious?? After we won on that buzzer beater, security actually lined up to make sure nobody rushed the court. HA. Why in the hell would we rush the court after beating a piss poor GT team we should have beaten in the first place?

Anyway, the bottom line is that YMCA basketball leagues run better offenses than us. How is that possible when we have 18-22 year old men? Because Greenberg sucks at building an offense, that’s how. So that’s the rant on our past six games. We should have been 4-2, but we’re lucky not to have gone 0-6.


Looks better than our offense!


Basketball Fail of the Week

OK, this week we bring you not a missed dunk nor missed free throw. It is something completely different and so bizarre, you just have to wonder what exactly was going through this player’s head.