Hokie Hoops vs. Duke

Spot on analysis, D_W, and thanks for saying a few words while I was in hiatus. Truth be told, C Gally was supposed to give you guys a preview for UVA, but he failed miserably. I was writing one for Maryland, but then the site kept going down on me. Anyway, we’ve failed you as writers, but never fear – BDubs is back with your bball preview against the Dookies. Hit the jump bitches.


C’mon, who DIDN’T see this coming? 


Mini-rant tirade about previous game

OK honestly, 19 points in the first half? I was at this game and it made me want to cry. Sadly, a couple of my new Maryland friends called it. With about 8 minutes to go in the half, they said that we wouldn’t even score 20. <Sigh> Nailed it. Though it’s not like it was a shocker. So then I told a Hokie buddy that we would need to score at least 50 to have a chance at winning and even then it was no guarantee. Ha. Go figure. We dropped 50 but lost anyway. But you know what? Should we really be surprised at this point? 


It’s gotten to the point whether either we are just going to laugh hysterically or turn the TV off. It’s really that simple. Seriously, how did we even beat UVA? And how in the world do people expect us to beak Duke? What makes last game incredibly funny is that we took 14 more shots than Maryland and they STILL beat us. How can you not muster up a measly 5 extra points off 14 extra shots? It just seems so simple. Is anyone sick of this losing crap already? Looks like it’s time to break out the big gun…

Yeah, we think it’s about that time


Basketball Fail of the Week

This week brings you a 10 year veteran of the NBA. Clearly he has been playing basketball a long time, so you would think he’s had plenty of practice shooting free throws. Well, this is where it gets hilarious. 

Yes, I got lazier the more I kept sitting here writing….