Game 6: UNC Predictions


Let me preface this by saying The Northerner is out of town (or something) and forgot his laptop, so I am left with posting the predictions. This is their way of making me do more work for free. Jerks. But anyway, we suck. Seriously, we are just awful right now. I’m pretty sure Geno Smith could beat our entire team by himself. Blah. Anyway, this week we continue on our road to mediocrity by playing UNC in Chapel Hill. A team whose colors remind me of a baby with a dirty diaper. I hate UNC almost as much as I hate UVA. Let’s go beat these bitches!!

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First things first, the winner from last week. Guess what? THERE IS NO WINNER FROM LAST WEEK! Seriously. EVERYONE loses. I don’t care how close your prediction was to the actual game score – you still lose. If you really care, then post how close you were in the comments below. However, until we actually win, I proclaim that we all lose. Get over it.


Onto this week’s predictions

Your predictions:

BDubs: To go or not to go; that is the question. To run the risk of hearing the “overrated” chant…I live 45 minutes away, so I have to weigh my options carefully. Did you know Tar Heels is slang for female dog in most parts of the world? In other words, UNC are bitches. Yes that’s right…BITCHES. And you know what we do with them? We SLAP THEM AROUND. Now, with that logic in mind, we WILL win, but it will be uglier than Janet Reno and Nick Nolte’s hypothetical baby….24-21

DiP: 28-17 UNC

d_w: Road game.. a team we should beat.. where have i heard this scenario before……………. Give me a Hokies win 20 -17.

Wright: My gut says go with UNC, but it’s too early in the morning to get backlash from the group. I’ll save that for two weeks (see: @ Clemson). Carolina can put up points and is playing with nothing to lose since they’re bowl ineligible, so the offense has to somehow find a way to score points (or more realistically, defense has to be unreal). Hokies win, but extremely close, with a late FG, 22-20. (Note: he also requested his girlfriend be added to our prediction listserv – can you say WHIPPED?)

CMU Football Analyst: The Hokies walk into a Chapel Hill White Out and wander out with a loss 29-20 UNC. The UNC offense dropped 66 points on a shut out of Idaho. Granted it was Idaho, but I’m not sure the Hokies would’ve performed the same way.

Poppa Gally: Hokies go into this game with a new game plan……..WIN!!!!

Beamer ball now is 3 downs and out….. NO BLOCKED KICK THIS WEEKEND….. We still win 21 – 17!!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: The offense, defense, and special teams have all played well this season just never at the same time. This is the week when it all comes together. Hokies win 30 – 23.

Also the Steelers will lose to the only team in the world more stressful, frustrating, and confusing to watch than the Hokies… the Philadelphia Eagles

Maniak: We lose.  31-14. F*ck. (Note: he also asked to have his score changed, but we have a rule of no takesy backsies…jerk)

Hokie Guru: Virginia Tech 24 UNC 17 – feel like the guys willl rebound this week.

GWay: Is this what we’ve come to? I don’t think so. We get our shit together this week, and while it doesn’t look pretty (let’s be honest, it almost never does), we do not lose to UNC. Hokies win 17-13. I believe.

P.S. Seriously, Tremonte? For shame (on your pick, not the GIF. Well, maybe the GIF too).

P.P.S. Go Orioles! Woooo!

CGally: The pillow fight down in Carolina ends with a Hokie victory, 6-3.

The Northerner: 21 – 17 Hokies… Ugly game, but Hokies pull out the win in the last few minutes


I am stealing this from The Northerner’s last prediction post because I am too lazy to come up with my own. So here:

There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!