Game 6: North Carolina Predictions

Everyone who saw the GT game shaping up like that raise your hand.  Liars.  All of you.  Put your hands down.  
North Cackalackee is this weekend.  They're not that great this season, which means of course, we're going to struggle mightily.  
Hit it. 
First things first.  DID YOU SEE THAT GAME?! We threw good passes, we make catches, we played great on defense, and I think the most underrated thing we did that needs to be lauded is that when we tackled, we WRAPPED THEM UP.  Not hitting.  Not lazy tackles.  Dragging the guys to the ground.  And I don't even have to talk about Kyle Fuller.  That kid is a beast.  You saw it, I saw it, the kid can play.  It was a pleasant surprise, to say the least.
The winner this week is not from our commenters.  But speaking of commenters, I need to point out that vtchris is banned for this game and next game, because someone picked against us.  Bad bad vtchris.  You got banned before DiP.  That is an achievement.  Welp, enjoy not being able to win the score prediction contest for the next two games.  Burn.  
Ok, so the winner.  That, of course, is none other than CMU Football Analyst.  He did his analyzing and came up with a score only three points off the actual score!  ANALYSIS! For this he wins:
A TI-82 calculator.  For your future score predictions.  And playing Snake.  Go get 'em tiger.  
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: UNC has never and will never be relevant in football. They had to cheat their way to the Independence Bowl. With last year's debacle on their mind, Hokies roll over UNCheat with an all-around performance. 34-6 Hokies!! 
DiP:  It's transitive property and equation time kids.  VT 15 – ECU 10 = +5  ECU 55 – UNC 31 = +24…. 5 + 24 = 29  ….Stinespring still having a job =-21….29-21 = 8  hokies win 21-13 ….boom math just happened
d_w: Is it possible to declare any game we play in a 'trap game' if it is then here we go!  We decide to look at UNC's record for this year and look right pass them to the Pitt game.  It takes a blown gasket from Bud Foster to get the team back in gear and pull out a 4th quarter victory. Hokies win. 17-14.
Wright: Typically a girl named Brynn is likely going to be hot. A guy named Brynn is just weird and likely plays croquet and polo in his spare time. UNC can put points on the board, but their D makes us look like Oregon. We win 31-10.
CMU Football Analyst: In the third matchup against a directional Carolina school, it will be a close one as most of the games have been this season. 27 – 24 Hokies
Poppa Gally: Hokies offense and our defense finally play well in the same game!! Hokies blocked a kick and special teams score twice…. VT 34- UNC 13
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon: This is the week Tech finally puts it all together. LT goes for 2 in the air and 1 on the ground, Edmunds gets 100 and another TD, and Journell finally gets his act back together. Throw in a defensive/return TD and the Hokies roll 41 – 13.
Maniak: This game is at Home.  In our HOUSE.  They try to come to OUR HOUSE and pull that SHIT they pulled last year … wait…what was that?  they kicked our ass last year in their house?  payback's a bitch.  13-10 and a bottle of Maalox, Hokies.
STHokie: Due to the rampant academic fraud at UNC, none of the Tarheel players are actually able to read the playbook. Antone Exum takes advantage of this and picks off two passes. Hokies win 20-10.
GWay: This guy is too busy to submit a prediction. 
JMcB: You reply to the email thread but no prediction?  Typical JMcB.  
Token Girl: 21-16 h-o-k-i-e-s HOKIES!
CGally: Stick to picking against the Hokies, DiP.
UNC is just terrible. Our defense is absolutely on fire. Shutout. 24 – 0, Hokies.
The Northerner: We keep moving forward and tear this one up.  Defense gives a little let down, but nothing to make us scared.  35-7 Hokies.
If we can play this week like we did last week, I will be a very happy boy.  But Virginia Tech football was never interested in making me happy, so we'll see where this goes this week.  Figners crossed.  
There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!