Game 5: Georgia Tech Predictions

Georgia Tech on a Thursday night.  Too bad it's in Atlanta. That is not our happy place.  This one could be rougher than last week.  Wait, no that's impossible.  More on that after you hit the jump.
So last week, huh?  That was pretty terrible.  Luckily, Token Girl was smart enough to pull me away from the TV before the overtimes (yes, multiple OTs, guh.) and took me to get the crowning jewel of the autumn season.  Macintosh apples.  They are the best apple in the entire world, and if you disagree with me, you're wrong and I will cut you.  But back to the game.  That was one of the worst debacles I have seen in a VERY long time, and I used to hang out with CGally and Bdubs a lot.  We watched the OTs on our phones, because you know, we like to torture ourselves, and my heart jumped and sank about five times.  There were several times that day where I was sure that we were going to lose to Marshall.  And let's be honest: we had absolutely no business winning that game.  But that's how we roll, isn't it?  We play like the contents of a latrine at Burning Man for 3+ quarters, have all the fans planning the wonderful ways that our coaching staff will get fired, and then they pull out an ugly win in the final minutes, and the coaching staff looks like they had it in the bag all along.  One day that will run out, but apparently not this past week.  I masochisticly (is that a word?) can not wait for that day to come.  Blow the whole thing up and start anew.  I'm sure you'll hear more about that over the course of the season.  
Anyways, we do have a winner from last week.  So who was the smartest person in the group this week?  And by smartest, we are really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, but your winner of the week is Maniak!  Well done sir.  I seem to recognize you from being the only person ranked lower than me in our fantasy league!  (Inside jokes!)  Maniak, in honor of guessing the closest score this week you win:
Vegemite!  That's right, from the bottom of the barrel itself (like us!), comes your prize! Enjoy. 
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: Last time LT was in Atlanta, a GT defender nearly knocked him out with a right cross. This time, LT posterizes more than one GT defender and the Hokies win 24-20. And if you're going to the game, just remember that no ice is served because the only person who knew the recipe to make ice has now graduated. GO HOKIES!!
DiP: 21-20 hokies……with 2 missed field goals that would make it a bit more comfortable
d_w: Pretty sure after last week we have to go even further on blind faith and over the top predictions… Hokies 52 – GT 14.. yep, going way over the top with this one, but don't worry the Logan Thomas doesn't through any of the TDs, Bud Foster's defense dials it up and has 2 pick 6s, 3 forced fumbles and 2 blocked punts which result in TDs then Bucky Hodges comes in and gets the remaining TDs oh and the rookie kicker who was scared last week drills a 45 yard field goal tonight too. watch out ATL, watch out.
Wright: Bad feeling about this game with a short week to prepare for their dumbass offense. Lots of field goals in this one. Good Tech 19-13
CMU Football Analyst:30-20 Hokies, wait, let me check the weather….*checks weather, 10% chance of rain, let me change my prediction, 14-10 Hokies.
Poppa Gally: Thursday night Brawl…..Our defense holds them to 17 our offense barely gets 20!!!! Go Hokies!!
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon: 29 – 17 Hokies. I have no idea why, or how we get to 29. Maybe a missed extra point, maybe a safety, maybe both. With this team who f'ing knows.
Maniak: I do not like this sam i am….not one bit.  We find a way to win without having to go to overtime…31-27
STHokie: Cody Journell descends from the clouds on a white steed and delivers the game-winning kick as time expires, thus returning Beamerball to it's former glory and bringing the second coming of Jesus. Hokies win 17-14. 
GWay: It's gonna be painful, but the Hokies prevail 10-6 with a defensive touchdown.
JMcB: I'm going throw back…to when we played GT at GT (I was present) and some students stole Hokie jerseys out of the locker room. We went on to win that one 24-7? I just want to bring that up because it was awesome.
Anyway, Paul Johnson is a f***ing jerk off. Oh, and it's gonna be a ridiculous game. I don't really know what I mean by that but here is my score:
Hokies 28, GT 21
Token Girl: Hokies 27-23.
CGally: Terrible, ugly ass game. Defense scores one. Hokies win 17-16 with a failed Georgia Tech 2-point conversion at the end of the game.
The Northerner: This isn't going to be fun.  After last week, I am not really looking forward this to or any college football game. My poor cold black heart can only take so much, you know?  Tech (the good one) wins this ugly, sloppy game through defense and defense alone.  Maybe Edmunds gets a TD, but that's probably it, and I'm not confident about that.  Hokies 9 Bees 6.  We get three turnovers on defense and LT gets picked off at least once.  Also, I get heartburn.  Twice.  
This one promises to be ugly, painful, and not fun for all.  Sit down and strap in.  
There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!