Game 5: Cincinnati Predictions

Bowling Green.  Ha.  Anyways, that win felt good.  Shutting out a team always feels good.  But now we have Cincinnati.  At FedEx Field.  Ugh.  I hate that place.  First off, I witnessed the debacle of the Boise State game there.  And then there is the fact that the Redskins play there.  I have to root for them because Token Girl has supported them her whole life.  But that doesn’t mean I have to like them.  But still.  FedEx field is not our friend.  Bad things have happened there.  Hopefully this weekend breaks that streak.

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First things first, the winner from last week.  Remember how you don’t follow the North End Zone twitter feed?  Well prepare to follow it even less.  That’s because our very own DiP is the winner of the prediction challenge and you know he won’t stay silent about it on twitter.  Maybe the twitter feed will get over 6 tweets a week.  I won’t get ahead of myself though.  Anyways, congrats DiP!  You win:

A lawn bowling ball!  Congrats.  I don’t really know the rules of lawn bowling, but looking at pictures make it look kind of like bocce.  Is it the same as bocce?  We’ll never know.  But enjoy your new ball, DiP.  You’ve earned it.


Onto this week’s predictions

Your predictions:

BDubs: Another NFL stadium. F*ck. VT is 10-20 in those things and 0-2 in FedEx. Sounds like a recipe for success. BUT my prediction is as followed: I will be at this game, so my prediction is that I am 100% wasted two hours before kickoff, will either fall down some steps or make a TV instead of VT with my fingers, and go nuts for my Hokies. At some point I will sober up enough to remember the game and have a good heckling session with some Cincy fans. As for the actual game? We’ll win 24-17!! 

DiP: We have never won in FedEx ….. Cincy 31-Hokies 13

d_w: Fedex field is where dreams go to die… but its suppose to rain, and we love a good sloppy game in bad weather. Hokies win 27-21.. Cincy gets all of their points in the first half, Bud goes nuclear during half time forcing the defense to lay down a 2nd half shutout.

Wright: I’ve never left FedEx happy…one VT loss to Boise and two ForeSkins wins. This has to change Saturday. Sloppy game – again – but our jail bird kicker notches a 40+ yard game winner as time expires. Hokies win 24-23.

CMU Football Analyst: I can only guess what CGally’s man cave looks like. I imagine a mix between a German Club basement, a yinzer family room, and a Nintendo.

Prediction is VT 30 – Cincy 23 and FedEx Field should be bulldozed immediately afterwards.

Poppa Gally: I will be in CGally’s Man Cave watching this one!!

The Hokies get it together this week, Many Offensive points and a blocked kick will seal it!!! Hokies 35 – Little Bengals 7!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: The defense plays the way we know it can and the offense does just enough to keep us in it. A defensive or special teams touchdown is the difference and the Hokies win 17 – 13.

Maniak: . is his living fuzzball allowed in said man cave?  i will be there as well (barry..i’ll forward you the tailgate deets), VT wins 24-12

Hokie Guru: Cincy will absolutely score on us in the first half – might even take a half time lead – but the Hokies will win 20-14.

GWay: The good guys finally show up to play, and the defense rides high off of the shutout last week. Hokies 28-13

SHitzel: our competition and the weather will keep the score low…14-10 hokies!

Token Girl: 27-17 Hokies.

CGally: Never thought in a million years we’d have a big game against Cincinnati. But here we are. Frustration city all game long. Hokies pull it out 24-20

The Northerner: I had a sign appear before me today on my way home from work.  A turkey, a large male with-a-waddle turkey was wreaking havoc on the road by weaving in between cars, holding up traffic, and at one point, chasing a woman walking on the sidewalk.  It means good things this weekend.   35-7 Hokies.


Godspeed to all of those who head to FedEx Field on Saturday.  We will all be thinking of the horrendous situation you have decided to put yourself in.  Hopefully the Hokies pull out a win to make the awful trip to that barren hellhole worth it.


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!