Game 4: Marshall Predictions

Marshall, boys and girls.  The Thundering Herd.  The big time.  Yeah you know it.  This is the pinnacle of football.  Woop woop.
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Yeah, so sorry about not being able to post last week.  And sorry for subjecting you all to BDubs.  Hopefully he behaved himself.  Usually we don't let him do things by himself, but once in a while you need to let the inmates run the asylum, right?  No? That's not a thing?  Fine.  
Did we have a winner last week?  You bet we did.  Barely, but we did.  Seriously though, 15-10?  I know the game was AT East Carolina, but what happened?  Seriously, can someone tell me?  I was at a wedding in Vermont and had no cell service for the entire weekend. We played like crap, apparently.  Color me shocked.  But, back to the winner.  This week we have a winner from the comment section!  The lonely place where only three people (Hi Mom and Mrs. Gally!) post.  And this time number three comes out with the win!  Way to go HTHokie!  You won a fake prize at the number 6 VT football website! Enjoy your: 
Enjoy HTHokie!
Onto this week’s predictions!
Your predictions:
BDubs: Did you know that Marshall's football team doesn't have a website? It's true! They can't string three W's together! And it damn sure won't happen this weekend. Hokies 27, Herd 17 
DiP:  24-17 hokies…can we get more than 1.6 yards a carry …please
d_w: Hokies win 32 – 10.. don't ask me how we get to 32, I'd love to say something like a safety in each half but it will more likely be due to missed extra points. Hooray special teams! 
Wright: We force two fumbles in the rain, one of which a key one late that sets up a Logan TD pass, where they briefly stop the game to award him for actually doing something right. Hokies 23-13
CMU Football Analyst:  30-17 Hokies over Herd.
I've never been to that part of West Virginia. But I doubt that they have many buffalo.
Poppa Gally: Simple math:
VT + 4 tds + 1 blocked kick = VT 35 to Herd 6
Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philly Milwaukee Lebanon: The defense it legit. The herd isn't moving this weekend. And since this blog is all about irrational optimism, I'm saying that this is going to be the week that the offense gets its act together.  Tech gets two offensive TDs, a pick-6 and a return from Kyshoen, and a couple of field goals The backup defense is going to give up some late points and the Hokies cruise 34 – 13.
Maniak: 27-21.  i hate logan thomas.
STHokie: Cody Journell redeems himself by converting on four field goals because the offense stalls, per the usual. Hokies win 19-10 
GWay: Someone forgot to submit a prediction!
JMcB: Womp womp, two weeks in a row.  For shame JMcB, for shame.  
Token Girl: 28-7 BIRDS OVER TURDS. Hehe. Turds.
CGally: Hokies defense takes two to the house. Another two from our offense. And Journell goes 1 for 3 from field goals.
Hokies win 31-10.
The Northerner: I think the Hokies do well this week.  Or not.  Who knows. It's Friday afternoon.  Hokies win 21-10.  Book it.  
Forced optimism for the win!  BANHAMMER isn’t going to come out this week, but beware commenters, the BANHAMMER is scared of no one.  
Marshall.  One of the last cupcakes.  This one could be tough.  Randy Moss went to Marshall.  Also Aaron Dobson, though he hasn't been that great so far.  I don't know much about them, and didn't even read CGally's preview, so I'm just going to stop here.  Good luck out there guys!
There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.
Gobble gobble, bitches.
Let’s Go Hokies!!

Game 4: Marshall Predictions


So it’s looking like the App State game may have been the outlier?  Awwww, who the hell cares, WE’RE 3-0!!!!!


The winner of this weeks prediction battle was someone that doesn’t, nor ever did, go to VT.  Seriously?  We’re not doing too hot here, guys (and girl).  Even the comment scores were way off.  Anyway, I guess winners are winners.  Funny thing is, Maniak just randomly sends this kid’s score predictions in, and I don’t even know his actual name.  At least most of us got one half of the score right.  Too bad that means nothing.  So, moving on, the winner of this weeks prediction battle is:  Maniak’s Hebrew Roomate!  As a reward for winning the score prediction, we here at The NEZ would like to offer:



A staple of every hipsters closet, the “Three-wolf moon” t-shirt. It’s ironic that every hipster would have one, because then it would be anti-hipster to have one, but then being an anti-hipster hipster would be really ironic so… you figure it out.  Congrats Maniak’s Hebrew Roommate, you won!


We play Marshall at Marshall this week.  Could be an App State-type game (pleasepleasepleaseplease) or it could be an ECU-type game (pleasenopleasenopleaseno).  Here are what we think the final score will be.

BDubs: My optimism for this offense was a bit much.  I was seeing way too much Orange and Maroon.  Now that my Hokie glasses are off, I can see a little more clearly now.  LT goes for 200 and a TD, Wilson gets back to normal with 130 and 2 TDs while the defense owns the freshman QB of Marshall.  Hokies win 24-6.

DiP: 31-13 hokies

d_w: 34 – 12.. hokies win… We get to see our D shines, lots of sacks and INTs

Wright: Game is closer than people think, but Hokies win 27-16

Poppa Gally: No prediction sent in (again), but let’s assume a Hokies win!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a BLOCKED KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CMU Football Analyst: 46-14 Hokies – It won’t be as bad as the 54-6 beatdown over Marshall in 1914 but it’ll be close.

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: 38 – 10 Hokies

Maniak: Offense wakes up.  42-8

Maniak’s Hebrew Roommate: Maniak forgot to ask him.  How ironic.  Like a hipster.

Hokie Guru: Hokies win 31-14, but don’t cover that 20 point spread.  Our cornerbacks are money all game long.

GWay: 45-10 Hokies

JMcB: Tech gets a good start early and keeps it rolling. 42-14

Meet Bag: Well let’s say 35-13

SHitzel: 30-10 beamerball!  (Ed. note:  Holy crap, another girl?  We just doubled our female readership!)

Token Girl: 48-13 vt wins. Go Hokies!!!!

CGally: 28 – 10, turnovers are responsible for at least half of our points.

The Northerner: David Wilson has a big day.  Hokies 31 – 7.  


It always feels good to go into West Virginia and come out with a win, even if it’s not against WVU.  So let’s get our business done.  As always, put your predictions in the comment section.  

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Go Hokies!!