Game 2: Austin Peay Predictions

Whew, that game on Monday was a barnburner.

But now we move on to Austin Peay.  I’ll be honest, I don’t know where this team is from.  Texas?  Wyoming?  Tanzania?  Who knows?  Who cares? Let’s get to the predictions, ok?

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So first things first, the winner from last week.  Or this week.  Ugh, Monday games mess me up.  Anyways, The winner of last game’s prediction challenge was none other than:  Poppa Gally!  No blocked kick, but his score was the closest, only off by one point!  Well done Poppa Gally!  Poppa Gally wins…

A day with Honey Boo Boo Child!!  This works out perfectly because her “name” is honey – like with bees – AND her show is trash, much like GT’s football program.  So have fun with that.  Congrats.


Onto this week’s predictions

Your predictions:

BDubs: 66-0. Seriously, Austin “Let’s Go” Pee, are just awful. This will be a slaughter where our first stringers won’t play longer than a half. LT3 goes 300 total yards and 3 TDs by half and we roll.

DiP: 45-6

d_w: Frank is too classy to run up the score like Ok State did last weekend against savannah state. Hokies win 38-0. Frank may be a big softy, but Bud shows no mercey. We get a chance for the new RBs to get their legs under them and the running game puts up all the TDs.

Wright: 37-10, only because its a short week

CMU Football Analyst: Who schedules Austin Peay after Georgia Tech? Anyway, umm VT 40 AP 6? Still on the honeymoon, don’t really care. I’ll perform a more thorough analysis next week.

Poppa Gally: WE WILL BLOCK A KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 44- 0!! TECH TECH VPI !!!!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: 48 – 3 Hokies

Maniak: 41-3…charity field goal  i predict that thomas the tank engine peays all over these bitches.

Hokie Guru: My prediction is that the Hokies starters will be out by the middle of the third quarter.

GWay: 44-10 Hokies

SHitzel: 45-7 Austin Peay gets a td against our 5th string

Token Girl: I’m gonna go with 55-9 HOKIES. Gobble gobble bitches!!!!!

CGally: It better be a slaughter. I don’t like the short week, even if it is Austin peay. 44-7 Hokies

The Northerner: Short week, but a terrible team.  We BETTER be up by at least 35 by the half.  Then we get our starters out and don’t get too many more points.  42 – 6 Hokies.


Second PSA this season – DiP is live-tweeting the game FROM LANE STADIUM!  That’s right, he scored the super tough Austin Peay tickets and gets to see this rage-a-thon first hand.  So follow along with @thenorthendzone


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!