Game 11: Boston College Predictions


What does winning feel like?  It’s been so long.  I think it feels…good?  Who knows anymore.  We have two games left.  BC and UVA.  The two worst teams in the ACC. It’s way past time to buck up and bring the steamroller out from the shed.

Jump it.




No one wins the prediction challenge.

The most frustrating thing about the FSU game?  We should have won that game.  We had the lead with two minutes left, but like our offense, the ending was absolutely predictable.  I think it was the play before the FSU TD where I texted some of the gentlemen of the NEZ and said “this is where we lose the game”, and then boom.  We let them waltz into the end zone.  It is infuriating.  We have earned and apparently proudly wear the “Chokies” moniker this season.  It’s a shame.

And let me touch on the Marcus Davis non-block controversy for a minute.  This is a small sampling of a larger problem in the program.  And this falls entirely on the coaches.  We are 4 and 6.  We may not go to a bowl game.  The players are obviously unhappy about it, and when that happens, they stop trying.  At this point, it is up to the coaches to motivate and inspire them to want to win and get something in the end.  We can still go to a bowl game. It won’t be a good one, but it will be a bowl game.  But there is a lack of necessity in this team.  And it starts with the coaches.  You can’t expect a college kid who is making (assumed) no money playing ball keep his head in the game when we’re 4-6 and losing in the last two minutes on a Thursday night.  Many of them won’t be heading to the NFL.  This is where their football line ends.  And it isn’t ending with a bang.  It’s ending with a thud.  The lack of interest and urgency in this team is a direct reflection of a lack of interest and urgency from the coaching staff.  They’ve given up on this season.  Hell, they may have given up a couple seasons ago, and it’s been running on fumes for a while now.  But the fact of the matter is that we’ve all realized this season is a bust.  But unlike the fans and the players, the coaches are making beaucoup money in salaries paid for by the fans.  They are the only ones who have a career riding on this team, and they are barely trying.  It’s a shame.


Onto this week’s predictions!

Your predictions:

BDubs: I predict that the writers for NEZ will fight with some random douches from twitter. Oh and the Hokies win 24-10

DiP: 31-17 hokies

d_w: VT wins… 34 – 21… LT3 and Leal get playing time and the debate for starting QB is ignited when Leal throws a TD pass to LT3. Oh and Bdub misses most of the game because he was busy doing his write up for VT Basketball season.

Wright: Hokies 27, BC 20

CMU Football Analyst: I believe that this game is a tipping point for the fate of the coaching staff. Win this week and next week, Frank’s job is safe. Drop 2 or even 1 of the next games, a change is made. Tech wins 24 – 17.

Poppa Gally: I am still thinking 6 – 6 …. Bowl game for the seniors…… all offensive, AND I MEAN OFFENSIVE, coaches all go away!!

VT wins the game 28 – 24!!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: Bud’s defense keeps BC out of the endzone until garbage time. Hokies cruise 24 – 10.

Maniak: we win, but not pretty….24-21.  BELIEVE.

Who will be in the burg for the shitstorm in 9 days?

Hokie Guru: Virginia Tech 26  Boston College 17

 GWay:  I got a fortune cookie this week that read “You will shortly profit in some way with a sporting association.” This either means that we dump the entire offensive staff, or pull out a win 35-14 on the road. Probably the latter.

 JMcB: We may see some coaching changes at the end of the season (especially if we aren’t bowl-eligible), but I sincerely doubt we lose Frank. Chuckie and Co. aren’t bold enough to pull that one off, at least not immediately. Frank already inked a deal to take over in some sort of A.D.-style role when he retires (if/whenever that is). And currently, I’m sure Dr. Steger and his staff need Frank in order to keep pulling in the biggest donors. Most of the older alumni who are giving the most $$ love Beamer almost to a fault.

I think it’ll take strong dissatisfaction from them to really see big change.

VT 24, BC 10

BC is absolutely awful. We aren’t good, but at least we haven’t been as bad as they have. I BELIEVE.

Token Girl: I abstained from submitting a prediction the past 2 weeks….partly for forgetting, and partly for the guilt factor of thinking we would lose.

The Northerner and I will be at this game, so we bring good luck, 27-21 HOKIES.

CGally: God I hate Boston College. And Matt Ryan. And everything else Boston related. [Ed. Note:  Pittsburgh is a hell hole where dreams go to die.  Lay off Boston.]

We win a terribly played game, 21-17.

The Northerner: Like Token Girl said, we will be attending, and in full Hokie regalia.  I look at this game as a win-win for us.  If we win, we get to see us beat up on BC.  If we lose, we see the game that may cause heads to roll in the coaching staff.  And put the cherry on top of this awful season.  I think we’re going to win, though, because, well, BC blows.  Hokies 34 – 17.


It looks like everyone is going with the Hokies this week, even the traitorous DiP.  Ban hammer isn’t going to come out this week, unless someone in the comment section decides to go off their rocker and pick against us.  Entirely plausible.  But watch out.  The ban hammer is afraid of no one.

Sweet Jeebus we need a win on Saturday.  For the children.  WILL SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!