Game 1: Alabama Predictions

WE’RE BACK!!!!1!! We know you missed us ever so dearly.  As CGally said, sorry for the lack of content this summer.  Apparently, this is the summer that everyone decides to get married.  But now we’re here and you can breathe easier. 

We’ve got Bama tomorrow.  You know what to do. 

Jump it.


Phew, it’s good to be back.  I feel at home here.  This is a big weekend.  Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer, and we’ve got Alabama.  This could be cray-cray.  I mean it’s Alabama.  They’re the number one team in the nation and not to mention, the defending national champions.  Yowza.  They ain’t Austin Peay.  But I’ll leave the analysis to CGally.  Let’s just say this is going to be one tough game. 


Onto this week’s predictions!

Your predictions:

BDubs:  LT rolls over the Tide and then rolls on McCaron's smoking hot girlfriend. Hokies 31-27

DiP:  Our new OC put up a big 0 against alabama last year at auburn..  He will put a 1 in  front of that 0 ….  38-10 alabama

d_w:  Hokies win 24-21, causing the sports books in Vegas to lose their asses and Nick Saban's head to explode

CMU Football Analyst: 17-13 Hokies, going to be a terrible game to watch, both teams playing like its preseason.

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee:  17 – 14 Hokies

STH Hokie: 34-10 Alabama [Ed. Note: Great analysis, new guy.  Folks, this is the kind of hard-hitting game breakdown that we here at The NEZ give you each and every week.  You’re welcome.]

Poppa Gally: OK, I want to tell you about my Alabama Football experience!! As a sophomore at Tech in 1973, 3 of us decided to travel to Tuscaloosa for the 10/27/1973 football game. We didn’t know that we were going to be part of College football History. Below is an article [Ed. Note: We didn’t include the article. It was too long] that discusses the highlights of that game!! What they don’t say is that Tech scored the first touchdown and missed the extra point, we were thinking at that point…”I hope we don’t lose by 1 point….” Well as you see the extra point didn’t really matter…. 12 NCAA records were set that day!!


Maniak:  tailgating with william h northington III and tatum northington proves to be a fruitful endeavor once again but the outcome of the game is much better for the team from Blacksburg.  Hokies win and I almost shit myself.  21-20.

SHitzel: 24-20 hokies

the girl who actually married d_w (not fake married him)

JMcB: VT 28, Alabama 24

I believe.

There will be at least a dozen camera shots of McCaron's girlfriend and then at the end of the game she will dump him on national TV.

GWay:  9-6 Hokies in an ugly game with no TDs

Token Girl: The return of college football will save me from being ultra depressed about summer being over and school starting again….20-17 Hokies.

CGally: 27-26 Hokies. The entire state of Alabama shits themselves, then decide to stop worry about football and provide something to America besides poverty.

The Northerner: 24-23 Hokies!   Our defense is the key to this game.  LT3 only overthrows two receivers, then calms down and has a great rest of the game. 


We’re reinstituting the BANHAMMER rule this year.  You pick against the Hokies and they pull out the win, you get the BANHAMMER.  Length of BANHAMMERing depends on the team and the awfulness of your prediction.  This week it looks like our perennial favorite for the BANHAMMER, DiP, is at it again.  Also, the new guy, STH Hokie is up for the award as well, but seeing as he(she?) probably didn’t know about this rule, we’ll only BANHAMMER them for half the season.  Consider yourselves warned. 


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw your predictions in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!

Game 1: Alabama Predictions

And now, the season is really getting going.

Once again, we make our fearless predictions for this week’s game. Whoever is closest, based on our BCS-like calculations, wins a fabulous prize*.

*prize yet to be determined, but is most likely not fabulous.

Let’s see ’em:

Gally: 14-12 VT

The Northerner: 17-14 VT

Maniak: 20-17 VT

Meet-Bag: 20 – 13 VT

B-Dubs: 24-10 VT

The Bull: 17-13 VT

The DiP: 24-20 VT

Wright: 20-17 VT

Poppa Gally: DEFENSE!!!! VT 14 – Ala 10………At a minimum……1 BLOCKED KICK!!!!**
**copy and pasted directly from the email

The CMU Football Analyst: 24-17 Alabama***
***no one likes him

GWay: 17-10 VT

Bobby the Ginger: 16-10 VT

We usually like to get a prediction from a fan of our opponent. But since we have jobs and live in a city with economic growth, we don’t know any Alabama fans to ask.

So if there are any ‘Bama folk out there, please leave your score predictions in the comments. If you think someone will score over 20 points, ask a friend if you can borrow his fingers and toes.


And of course, Tech fans should absolutely let us know their scores. (See the section about a fabulous prize up above.) Just try to be as fair and balanced as we were in our predictions.