Coaching Search Update?


So it has been a long time and rightfully so… we had nothing to add after that bowl win over Rutgers that we hadn’t been saying all year long.  But this is NEZ we can’t leave our faithful readers hanging without a post for weeks or months of down time, all 6 of them would be hurt and lost without our guidance. Let’s talk about coaching changes… after the jump.


WHAT?!?! No news on coaching changes with the football team? Even after all of the rumors started to flow right before the bowl game.  Was the sh*t-show that O’Cain/Stiney put together for that bowl game enough to calm all the talks about offensive coaching changes?  We have heard the rumors floating around that Kevin Sherman (WR Coach) is leaving to take a position at Purdue, and that Curt Newsome (OL Coach) might be landing at James Madison. Couple rumors were floating that the Shawn Elliott, the Assistant OC at University of South Carolina, and Pep Hamilton, the OC at Stanford were being courted by VT. Pep was even rumored to have met with VT shortly after Stanford’s appearance in the Rose Bowl but still we hear nothing official from the university about the coaching search, not even a whisper that they are even looking!


CGally even admitted that he couldn’t write the rant because he hasn’t followed the coaching search at all, doesn’t surprise me, there hasn’t been anything to follow! I’ve had to rely on tweets from random sports writers that claim to have some source that is close to the program, so really we have nothing to follow. I have this terrible thought in my head that in the middle of the night Jim Weaver will release a statement that no coaching changes will happen this season, and that all the coaches are getting contract extensions. 

No Hokie football and crappy Hokie basketball make NEZ writers go something… something…