BDubs’s Thoughts


Those glowing arches make it all worth it

Eh, so what it wasn’t pretty! We got a mother effing W against an ACC foe. Plus it was a Coastal foe, so that makes it even sweeter. Yeah, LT3 needs to stop airmailing passes. Sure, Voldemort still sucks. And yeah, Big Beamer nearly cost us the game with his piss poor clock management. But you know what? We’re 1-0 bitches! So, we really can’t complain that much, right? Hit the jump and find out…


Ha. Sure we can. It’s the North End Zone baby! It’s what we do. We complain with no factual evidence to support our rants. But that’s the beauty of this website – you all couldn’t care less. You love it. You crave it. You NEED it. So here it is, bitches!


First, did anyone else think our running backs might go the entire first quarter without a carry? How much time was left when Logan actually handed the ball off? Sure, we have a lot of star power to replace from last year, but damn, if we’re not mistaken, isn’t a RUNNING back supposed to…wait for it…RUN the ball? That’s what we thought, too! Guess we missed the memo. Plus it would be nice to keep LT3 healthy all season.


Second, Voldemort is still doing nothing but taking a dump on the field. The offense is still vanilla. This time, instead of calling this:


He is now calling this:


 Son of a bitch! There is no stopping it! And as stupid as Al Groh is, he can still figure that one out. Gah. Same story; different year.


Third, LT3 needs to stop trying so hard. The guy is a baller, but man, he was pretty terrible for 59:16 of 60 minutes. Sure, the final stats are impressive, but obviously you take away that beautiful TD pass to Knowles and his day doesn’t look so good. Some of his passes ended up in the stratosphere. No seriously, reports after the game said some of his passes literally end up here:


To be fair, though, the man was clutch when it counted and that’s all that matters. However, we’re still going to be cynics and whine about it anyway. Get over it.


Lastly, the clock management on GT’s final drive of regulation was piss poor. Did anyone else notice Shane telling pops that he DID have timeouts to take? Then again, Frank didn’t think GT had any timeouts to use at the end of the first half when they inexplicably called one with like 3 seconds left (way to be a douche, PJ).


But hey, we did win the game and that’s all that counts. There were plenty of great things, but you all know what they are and it’s more fun to complain about the bad. Stay tuned later this week for our game preview against Austin Peay. Wait, who?

Oh and by the way, d_w, if Jeron Gouveia Winslow’s monstrous hit on Tevin Washington isn’t the Zombie Kill of the Week, then I will personally come smack you in the face and strip you of any dignity you have left.