BDubs’s Postgame Thoughts


Woohoo! At least we’re 2-0!

After a 42-7 victory over Austin Pee, we are now 2-0. At least there is that because it wasn’t exactly the domination we were all hoping for in this game. Though, it could be worse – we could be Arkansas. Yikes. So, why are we unhappy with this 2-0 record? Hit the jump and find out.


First, our offensive line sucks. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, though. It’s the same ole story, but a different year. How long has Newsome been coaching this oline? Seven years you say? Hot damn. Well that is obviously seven years too many. What does Frank see in this guy?! Seriously, there is ZERO reason to not pick up half a yard on fourth down with a QB sneak against a bunch of high school players. ABSOLUTELY NONE – Logan averaged like 5 yards a carry last year on sneaks. Yet we failed to convert. That is a BIG problem.  Let me just point something out here: Wisconsin – known for putting together some of the best offensive lines – just FIRED their oline coach two games into the season. Now THAT is holding coaches accountable for their respective positions. He had a two game leash – we have given ours a seven year one. At least some coaches recognize a problem and fix it rather than hope it gets better.

Please. And do it soon for the love of God!!!


Second, our play calling continues to be hideous. There weren’t a whole lot of read options this game (yay!!), but things were still questionable. Why is it that we always run the ball on first and goal? Can we please try and mix it up a bit? The run-run-pass shit isn’t going to work on better teams. Luckily, we were playing Austin Peay, so being vanilla didn’t exactly hurt our chances of winning. Also, if not for special teams play, we may have only been able to put up 28 points as a monstrous punt return and a blocked punt (hell yeah Papa Gally!!) set up ridiculously short fields for our offense. Again, it’s the same shit, different year. Damn you Voldemort!!!


Third, if anyone played the LT overthrow drinking game, then you surely got freaking wasted on Saturday afternoon. While the getting wasted part is awesome, I can’t condone LT launching passes to the moon. I can’t even count how many times I chugged because of an overthrown pass. I’d much rather get drunk doing a college football power hour (Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” is a must).


I would say it was not cool for A.P. to have a 100 yard rusher on our defense, but given they just held GT’s rushing attack in check just five days before, we’ll give Bud a free pass on this one. That running back could actually rumble, but dammit it was still annoying to see them rack up more yards on us than they did on Western Kentucky. Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

On to Pittsburgh!! GO HOKIES!!