BDubs’s Pittsburgh Post Game Thoughts

It is NOT a beautiful day in the f*cking neighborhood!!!

Devastated. Dominated. Destroyed. Defeated. You get the idea…and there are probably far more adjectives to use for this game (and they all don’t start with d, either). Regardless, the Hokies were handed their first loss of the season in the ugliest way possible, going down 35-17 to <gulp> Pittsburgh. This won’t be the prettiest of post-game thoughts, but I will try and keep it civil. Hit the jump for more.


Damn you, Notre Dame. This is all your effing fault. The weekend after you join our prestigious conference is of course the weekend the Big East dominates the ACC. Pitt mauls us, UConn beats Maryland, and Louisville takes care of UNC. You jerks. But in all seriousness, we can’t blame you, but we’re going to make you our honorary scapegoat of the week. Thanks a lot.

Alright, to be fair, we just got worked. Outside of AJ Hughes and we’ll even include Kyshoen Jarrett in this, our team played like ass – blowing just as much as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton would at a SAE frat party. Disgusting. So, what can we take away from this disaster?


1) Our offensive line still sucks. How many rushing yards did we have that game? 59. Same number of guys Tara Reid slept with this past weekend. Honestly, without a true playmaker like Ryan Williams or David Wilson, the ineptness of our offensive line is really starting to show. A guy like Michael Holmes just can’t get the same kind of yards behind this terrible line.

2) Our defensive line got absolutely worked. How many rushing yards did Pitt have? 254. That’s the equivalent of what I make in a year working for NEZ (Note: I do not actually make any money working for NEZ). Zero push, no disruption, and definitely nobody plugging the holes. Plus, we couldn’t even get pressure on their QB, allowing sudden Heisman hopeful Tino Sunseri – usually a terrible quarterback – to look like Cam Newton. For the love of god, the guy beat us on a BUM ANKLE. REALLY?!

3) Secondary was exposed. Even though our dline got no push, it’s pretty evident that DB U is looking like a preschool. Once Kyle Fuller left the game with an injury, it got even worse. Antone Exum is simply awful and has no business being a cornerback. Same goes for Detrick Bonner.  I have faith that Torrian Gray will get things situated, but this unit is a mess and it doesn’t help that we have absolutely no depth.

4) Logan has taken a few too many steps backwards this year. If you played the newly established LT3 Overthrow drinking game, then you were no doubt hammered by the end of the game. In fact, you probably chugged an entire beer after LT missed Marcus Davis for an easy six, which would have made the score 21-17. <Sigh>. Even if you didn’t play the new game, you probably got hammered anyway.

5) Play calling is still a joke. Nothing new to report here.

6) Player execution was just terrible. C Gally made a reasonable tweet on Saturday and he was right. Our players didn’t show up. While it is ultimately a coach’s responsibility to get them ready, they can’t control dropped passes, fumbles, whiffing on blocks, dumb decisions, and stupid penalties. The players definitely need to take some heat on this one.

7) I love AJ Hughes. It’s just a shame he wasn’t around to punt last year. He was the only one who should have been able to ride the bus home. Everyone else needed to walk home.


Undoubtedly, there is a lot more to talk about, but those are the main things I wanted to bring up this morning. It was a pretty pathetic performance and it certainly didn’t help that Ryan Williams nearly lost the Cardinals the game, David Wilson’s fumble last week cost him significant playing time this week when Bradshaw went down, and Josh Morgan potentially cost the Redskins a win (though I am OK with the last one because it will shut you damn Redskins fans up…at least for a week).

But at least UVA got absolutely wrecked. Woohoo! So, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Nonetheless, I love my Hokies and will always support them, but the question remains: should changes be made? Probably. However, Frank seems perfectly fine being complacent, taking home his paycheck, and making sure his golfing buddies have jobs. Until he grows a pair and makes some changes, then I’m sorry to say that he has taken us as far as we can go.

Next up is Bowling Green! GO HOKIES!!!