BDubs’s Angry Thoughts

OK. Well, I debated on whether or not to write anything, but honestly, some things have obviously got to be said. I was at the game and watched our defense collapse against Cinci-effing-nnati in the final seconds. On the plus side, tailgating was sweet. However, everything else was straight garbage. Hit the jump for more.


First, EXCUSE ME. WTF kind of offense are we RUNNING out there? The Northerner already pointed out our hideous offensive output in the first half. To add to that, we had 72 yards and 2 first downs in that half. Again, 72 yards and 2 DAMN FIRST DOWNS! That is simply despicable. Honestly, do our coaches actually HAVE a game plan going into the game or do we wait until the game starts, see the defense, and THEN make one?! Un-f*cking-real. Seriously. You can’t blame the players for this one. It shows how terrible our coaches are at getting our offense ready. The only reason we were still alive after that disaster of a first half is because of our defense (SHOCKING).

Second, it makes me incredibly depressed watching rival schools put together great offenses. Clemson, Florida State, West Virginia, etc. KNOW how to utilize their playmakers. They run slants, screens, misdirection, trick plays, and other CREATIVE plays. You can always count on Voldemort and co. to do the same thing – run, run, pass, punt. Seriously, it looks as if we are TRYING to go three and out so that way we don’t turn the ball over and give the other team field position. No seriously…I wonder if Beamer actually tells his offensive “gurus” to be this damn conservative because he doesn’t want to make mistakes. DOES HE NOT F*CKING REALIZE THAT BUD FOSTER IS ONE OF THE BEST DEFENSIVE COORDINATORS IN THE COUNTRY?!?! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, TAKE A DAMN RISK!! This crap has got to stop. We are WAY too vanilla and can’t mask it anymore.

Third, EXUM IS NOT A CORNERBACK. Munchie targeted him over…and over…and over and over and OVER. Torian Gray has been a genius with defensive backs in the past, but this time I am calling him out. There is absolutely NO reason Exum should still be a cornerback. He is just terrible. There was a REASON he was an All-ACC safety last year. There is a saying…if it ain’t broke then DON’T FIX IT. Get this right and NOW or else our secondary is going to be straight garbage like it has been all season.

Fourth, speaking of the secondary, HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU LET A RECEIVER GET BEHIND YOU IN PREVENT DEFENSE?! It’s the ONE thing you DO NOT do in that kind of defense. How in the world does it happen?! We KNOW they are going to pass…we KNOW they have to score a TD…and what do we do?! WE GIVE UP A DAMN TOUCHDOWN!! Are you KIDDING me?! That is just plain pathetic.

Fifth, WHY IS LOGAN RUNNING SO MUCH?! It’s his job to make the right read during the read option, but he is failing miserably at it. Here are three numbers for you: 4.6, 5.2, and 2.4. Can you guess what they mean? They are the yards per carry numbers for Michael Holmes, JC Coleman, and Logan Thomas. Know what that tells me? It tells me that it’s time for Logan to stop running the ball so much. We need to FEED our running backs because they are FAR more effective than LT. Against Cincy, he had 9 carries for 10 yards. And speaking of LT, he is just making piss poor decisions throwing the ball. We are five games into the season and he is not getting any better. At some point you just have to wonder how much Boykin, Coale, and Wilson helped his cause last year.

Lastly, it’s time to say this: Frank is losing his grip on the game. JoePa and Bobby Bowden both overstayed their welcomes and it set their programs back a few years. When Saban took over at Alabama, it took them a couple of years to right the ship. So here is the reality: Beamer, unless he makes some SERIOUS changes at MANY coaching positions, has taken us as far as he can. If he continues with this complacency then he is going to run this program into the ground. College football is still a business, no matter how you spin it, and when things are broken, you have to fix them. If Beamer can’t do this then he needs to step down. I’m not saying I know HOW to fix it, but I know enough that what we have is not working.

With all that said, it’s time to say goodbye to our streak of 10 win seasons. Sadly, the Coastal is so absurdly bad that we can easily make it to the ACC title game; however, we are going to get dominated by FSU or Clemson…for a second time. We have three wins right now, but I honestly see only three more with the way we are playing. But perhaps this is a good thing – we NEED a disruption in complacency for anything to change. Beamer needs this and as fans, WE need it. But dammit, we BETTER NOT LOSE TO UVA.