Angry Reaction to Clemson

OK. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We started off looking damn good. Things were great! We forced Clemson into a three and out on their opening drive and then marched down the field to take a 7-0 lead. Just what we needed! It all went down hill after that and I bet almost EVERY Hokie fan saw it coming! This is getting to be downright pathetic. More after the jump…



Defense was awesome. You can’t get mad at them because they did their job. Sure, we gave up a ton of points, but what do you expect when our offense gives them absolutely NO help?! Short field positions and awful play calls will do that to your defense. If I were Bud Foster, I would lay down a huge ultimatum. 

Special teams is a joke. A pitiful snap(that fortunately didn’t lead to a blocked punt for a TD), a fumbled punt return, terrible kick returns, and pitiful tackling on Clemson’s returns. I’ve said it once and will say it again – Frank has GOT to step down as the special teams coach. They’ve become a liability.

Refs blow two straight calls. Logan should not have been ruled down yet and then Watkins clearly fumbled the ball. Clemson goes onto score there. Both were big calls, particularly the fumble because that puts us at midfield down only seven if the call was correctly made. 

However, the refs are no excuse for our pathetic play calling and offensive execution, though. Seriously…how did any of these idiots get hired?! I mean, Clemson goes up 14 and we run two straight reads?? Clemson gets the ball back and scores three plays later. Then we’re down 21 and we run play action on first down and then hand it off on second down? Finally, we march down the field, score a TD to make it a 14 point game and we call that trick play?!?! What made our coaches think that would work? Did anyone else notice how slow that was to develop? Oh and the commentators made fun of our play call. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Speaking of our inept offense, we made the 99th ranked defense of Clemson look like Alabama. Something is really wrong when you can’t put up points against a defense that is THIS bad. It’s just atrocious.

Frank is also a huge vagina. We get into field goal range at the end of the first half and then he decides to run the ball three straight times? WHAT. THE. F*CK. We don’t even take a chance? That was his plan all along – get into field goal range, get conservative, and take the field goal. Simply pathetic. GUESS WHAT? GOOD COACHES PLAY TO F*CKING WIN. Frank plays not to lose.

Also, why did we keep trying to run when Clemson’s best defensive back got knocked out of the game? And why are we still rotating in four backs? Nobody can get into a rhythm. Idiots.

Lastly, Logan Thomas is not as good as we thought. He gift wrapped that pick six. He should have had another one, too. He overthrew Roberts (shocking) for a guaranteed touchdown. I think it’s about time we start realizing the playmakers last year made him look a lot better.


Plain and simple: we are a mediocre (at best) football team this year. We have a lot of inept coaches on our team (Stiney, O’Cain, Newsome, and Hite all come to mind) and can’t even put up points against a really bad defense. I feel terrible for Bud and his defense. They played their hearts out. They gave our offense every opportunity to beat Clemson. They made plays, got pressure on Boyd, and did a pretty decent job shutting down the running game as long as they did. However, as usual, our offense gets blown up and we can only put up 17 points. 

I’ve said it once and I will say it again: wake the f*ck up Frank and realize that our offense is holding this team back. If you can’t make the changes on O then you will continue to bring this program down. Either make the right moves or get the f*ck outta dodge.