ACC Tourney Round 1: Clemson

Holy shit! Two posts within two days?!?! And about BASKETBALL no less? Man, we are spoiling you rotten! In all likelihood, this is probably the last post we make, but who knows! Perhaps we’ll actually win today! In case you didn’t know, the ACC tournament starts today and the Hokies have drawn Clemson. This will be the third time we’ve faced ’em. We’ve split the series thus far, so this is for bragging rights and a chance to play Duke in the quarterfinals. Woo! So, click to read on loyal subjects!

Sorry, ladies, this one is for the dudes


So, what else is there to say? All fans are angry. The players look miserable and nobody really seems to be trying anymore. Again, at least Raines has been an absolute force for us down low. He is really starting to put things together. Between him and Green, we’ve at least got a formidable high-low punch. Other than that, however, we have a lot of inconsistency. As was pointed out in our season review, did anyone else notice that Green was benched to start the second half? WTF was that all about? He’s our best player and Seth benches him? Hmmm, like Ted says:


Remember when Keanu Reeves used to do cool movies?

Not sure what to make of this tweet by Green, but he said “Last home game in Cassell gotta make it a good one. ” He later followed that up with “Feel bad we couldn’t get these seniors a win on their last home game”, so who knows? We’ll see if the rumors of Green leaving VT after this season come true. We might know sooner rather than later.


Rant on Last Game

Last game of the season. Home court advantage. Seniors playing their final game at Cassell. It’s definitely a recipe for a win, right? Pfft. Not with this team. We got flat out shitted on. NC State beat us by 12 (and it could have been a lot worse), out-rebounded us 37-22, shot 51% from the field, and made 78% of their free throws. Meanwhile, we struggled to do anything – shooting 37% FG and 50% from the line. Awesome.


At least we got this goin’ for us…

Like Homer says, at least the end is near. No more excruciating basketball games. No more faces of Seth. No more watching this pathetic excuse of a basketball team play. No more broken TVs and no more migraine headaches. YAY! We should all be grateful that it’s nearly time to put this season to rest and get ready for spring football! Then we can have more of this:

Gives you chills every time, right?!

Oh yeah. So, to conclude this rant about how badly we sucked against NC State, we’ll leave you with this: in that game, we had FIVE stretches where we went at least three minutes without a basket. Ha. That summarizes our season in its entirety.


Basketball Fail of the Week

For this post, we actually bring you a fail from COLLEGE basketball. Thus far, every fail has been from the NBA (just because it’s funnier when guys who get paid millions *uck up) and we figured it was time to at least show something from the NCAA. So, take a look.

Ouch. You know that didn’t feel good. Never realized that much force could come from a deflection off someone’s foot! The best part of the whole thing is how he went flying into the flock of cheerleaders behind him. Pretty epic if you ask us. And for this, he earns our basketball fail of the week.


Tweet of the Week

Well, C Gally wanted me to use a tweet I used in yesterday’s post, so we’re just going to have to use something different. Yes, I defied my boss. He sucks anyway – nobody really likes him. Anyway, does anyone remember Carlton Powell? He played football for VT and wasn’t too shabby. Does anybody know who writes for The Key Play? This week, both become even more famous because they have the tweets of the week.

@PowPow_97 says: “could really go for some hotfries and a slurpee from 7-Eleven right now”

Hahahahaha. Epic. What better combination than women and a slurpee from 7-Eleven? You stay classy, Carlton Powell.

Meanwhile, @thekeyplay tells the world “Oh elastic waste band golf shorts, you understand me the most.”

Boom. Who doesn’t love a good elastic band? They just snug you so well when nothing else can.

And there you have it. Our tweets of the week.


Creepy Encounter at Walmart

There is absolutely no reason to do the segments on the good guys and Clemson. You’ve seen it. Twice even. So, we’re going to do something a little different to try and keep you amused.

First, have you been to the People of Walmart website? If not, then go ahead and do it now by clicking here, Plus, we’re sure many of you have already encountered plenty of people and understand the dynamic that goes on there.

What’s unfortunate is that I went to Walmart on a Friday evening, which is a big no-no. While shopping, a woman came up to me and said: “Do you date women with kids?” Seriously, that is no joke and it was the FIRST thing she said to me. WTF?! Am I really at that age where this becomes something to consider? Guh. One of our readers at least made a positive out of it by telling me “well…at least you know she puts out?” Thanks.


Clemson Pump Up Video

This calls for a VICTORY dance! If you picked this up immediately, then you are pretty awesome. It’s also the start of this week’s pump up video.