What’s a different word for “atrocious”?

Easily one of the worst games I have ever seen by Virginia Tech.  The refs were awful in the first half, but we were even more awful in the second half.  This was arguably a bigger beatdown than the last time we played Clemson.  

We were outplayed on every side of the ball.  It was just awful.

I can say we had a great season and that we still have the bowl game, but this atrocious display of what I can’t even describe as football left a very bitter taste in my mouth.  

I can’t really fault Thomas, Oglesby or Wilson, definitely not Coale or Coles, or even a large part of our defense.  Freshman mistakes and a terrible O-line, plus an apparent lack of preparation for any offensive strategy that Clemson employed is to blame.  Also, not blaming the loss on this, but the refs in the first half were inexcusable.  Blatant missed calls and phantom penalties definitely played a part in the first half.  Again, we lost the game in the second.  

We had a chance to go to the Orange Bowl and we blew it.  We’re still going to the Chik-fil-A Bowl.  That’s cool.  It’s just beyond disappointing to finish the season like that.  Excuse me while I go watch the end of this barn burner of a Big 10 Championship.

/vomit. everywhere.  

Here’s looking forward to December 31st.  

As always, Go Hokies!!