Sugar Bowl?!

Whoa whoa whoa.  When did the Chick-fil-A Bowl get renamed the Sugar Bowl?

This season continues to blow my friggin’ mind.  

First off let me make this clear: SUGAR BOWL BITCHES!! WOOOOOOO!! 

However, I will be the first one to say we probably should not have been selected for the Sugar Bowl.  Had we made it a close game against Clemson, sure, I could see it.  That didn’t happen.  I mean I understand we’re number 11 in the BCS standings, but come on.  

Second point:  Kirk Herbstreit’s comments on the bowl selection show, while true, kinda made us look like the dicks in this whole thing.  Virginia Tech didn’t petition for the at-large bid, nor did we even expect it to happen.  VT didn’t schedule cupcakes earlier in the season with the at-large bid in mind.  So his comments were directed at the wrong people.  The BCS sucks and it’s completely about money.  VT fans travel well.  Fact.  The Sugar Bowl is in New Orleans, thereby attracting more VT fans (I mean hey, New Orleans).  More fans equals more money.  Not our fault we like to support our team all over the country.  Well I guess it is our fault, but you know what I mean.  The BCS system is screwed up by money, but that doesn’t mean VT had anything to do with it.  Back off.  

Third, Baylor should have gotten to the Sugar Bowl.  They were crazy this season and RG3 is playing out of his mind.  I would have liked to see Baylor beat the piss out of Michigan, but I guess now we’ll have to do it.  I mean Baylor is going to the Alamo Bowl.  Blech.  Sorry guys.  Not our fault.  Hopefully your QB can win the Heisman and make up for it.  

Oh and screw Boise State.  I still hate them.  They deserve nothing.