Reader Submission: “Mid”season Report

Every once in a while, we get reader emails. We tend to post / answer them during the weekly preview. However, avid reader HokieUmp submitted an email that bears it’s own post. He ended his email by saying, “Let’s face it, it saves you from coming up with something, for one day, at least.”

You know us all too well.



I’ll tell you this:  it’s really a good thing that, even though the polls are influenced by ‘style points,’ that actual won-loss records are not.  If that were the case, this team would probably be under .500 for the year.

Beating Duke by four?  Really?  And I know we’re adding to our ACC-record road-win streak, but let’s be honest:  Duke and Wake are home games, full stop.  So we can’t use that for that 14-10 game.  And I know people want to say Duke is getting better.  

Here’s the thing:  they still wake up on Saturday mornings as Duke players, and nothing – not even Jebus himself – can change that.  They made a series of bad life choices, and they ended up at a school where, for a football program, they’re a pretty good basketball school.  (And given that DMFW mentioned it post-game, it would appear they’re still making some of the same bad life choices the lacrosse players did, what with the grabbing of the junk, and all that.)

So.  8-1.  In charge of own destiny.  Where have we heard this before?  And I’d feel pretty good, but GT sure ‘nuf laid the wood to Clemson – to a point where I’m a little concerned.  Our defense is banged up, and doesn’t play well against that Harry Highschool Horses–t offense when they’re NOT hurting.  And it’s already well documented that we can get all kinds of offensive talent, hide it under a bushel for four years, and then let NFL coaches turn them into stars.  So, what are our real chances?

All I know is, VT is a bad play as a gambler.  I wouldn’t pick them to beat the spread if we played App State again this year, never mind anyone else.  On the other hand, we can wake up after one or two hideous quarters, and act like we know what we’re doing.  (Not this last game, but still.)

I mean, we’re 8-1 – adding to the bowl streak, still in line for a conference title, guaranteed to be over .500 even if collapse like the Red Sox AND Braves AND Rangers COMBINED – and yet I still feel strangely empty.  It’s becoming not enough – these baby seals (known to sportswriters as “the rest of the ACC”) just aren’t fulfilling me any more.