Eight in a Row, Bitches

Yes, we have used this over and over and over again, but you know what?  We don’t care.  You know what else, UVA???

Yeah, that’s right – F*CK YOU!!! 


So, this is a funny story.  Not sure how many of you have seen the YouTube video that features a few of the classiest (and dumbest) UVA fans to ever exist. Well, for those of you who haven’t seen it, please take a look below.  It’s absolutely hilarious.  Then, a fairly humorous story will follow.  It COMPLETELY set up how the rest of the afternoon/evening would go today!!


In case you didn’t watch that entire video, here’s the recap: WE KICKED THE SHIT OUT OF UVA.  Do we really need to say anything else?  Sadly, LT3 didn’t steamroll anyone today on a QB sneak, but you know what?  He absolutely mauled a defender while making a block for David Wilson.  Man, he is AWESOME. He was making some great throws, demonstrating outstanding poise, and just doing his thing. Man love continues for sure.  Apparently D.J. Coles took some notes on how to hit from Logan.  Wow, take a look at this.  If this isn’t the Zombie Kill of the Week going into next week, then something is wrong.  Yeah, the play came back due to holding, but damn…what a hit!! 


OK, so what the hell got into Danny Coale tonight?  Where was this punting ALL SEASON LONG?  Seriously…when we first punted, it was time to cry because what else would we do?  However, in comes Coale and he BLASTS it.  Hell, he effing teed off on his punts all night and averaged, what, like 50 yards a punt??? Seriously…WTF??  Glad he did this tonight, but again, where was that all season?  Anybody know if Branthover was hurt?  Perhaps Beamer was so sneaky that he was saving him JUST for UVA?  We doubt it.  But damn.  We’ll take it.  That was f*cking awesome.  Think we will miss him next year?  Yeah.  We will definitely miss him.  


Finally, we’ll just say that was effing incredible.  Our first shutout of the season and it comes against mother f*cking UVA.  Seriously.  That is just great.  Our offense was great.  Our defense was fantastic.  Our special teams didn’t make us cringe.  What else could you possibly ask for during this game?  At one point, when the announcers tried to get a “LET’S GO HOOS” chant going, the Hokies took over and completely drowned them out.  God, we LOVE IT.  The Hoos tried and they failed miserably.  Zimas ALL around on me!!  


GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!