Game 12: UVA Predictions

UVA.  Winner plays in the ACC Championship.  This one is for serious.



The game against UNC wasn’t pretty.  It was good at the middle, but then we shut it down a little too early.  Luckily for us, the clock ran out before our chances did.  We came away with the win.  I won’t go into detail, because apparently that is BDubs job now.  Also, this post is coming in pretty late.  I blame Thanksgiving.  But now we play UVA.  I don’t even have to go into this, because I know and you know how much we hate these bastards.  Let’s just kick their asses and end this one in the first half.  Good?  Yeah I know that probably won’t happen, but let’s do our best to get as close to that as possible.

Moving onto the winner from last week’s prediction challenge.  We had pretty much no close guesses. However, we did win, and we therefore have to pick a winner.  And this week’s winner is longtime predictor and keeper of the NEZ twitter feed (I think) DiP! For this not-so-close-but-closer-than-everyone-else guess you win:

A copy of the classic holiday movie, Thankskilling.  You know you love it.  Hopefully, this is what we do to UVA this weekend.  Gobble gobble, motherfucker.


UVA.  Us.  Thanksgiving.  Thankskilling.  It’s on.

Your predictions:

BDubs: 38-10 Hokies. DMFW runs all over Uva en route to 150 and a td while LT3 runs over people including snag Mike London and throws for 240 and has 4 total tds. Gobble gobble bitches

DiP: 24-13 hokies

d_w: 42-13 Hokies win. UVA’s mascot falls off his horse again.

Wright: 17-13 Hokies in an ugly defensive game

Poppa Gally: It’s like Polishing a “Turd”…….Put a suit on them and they still stink!!

Hokies with a blocked kick and win going away…VT 35 – UVA 10!!

Hokie Ambassador to Philly Milwaukee: 41 -20 Hokies

CMU Football Analyst: 34-10 hokies and someone wearing a popped collar will get bitch-slapped. So has it been written, so it shall pass.

Maniak: 31-21 hokies

Hokie Guru: Virginia Tech 24 Virginia 20 – Gonna be a close game.  I expect DMFW to go for over 100 yards, Danny Coale to lead the Hokies in receptions, and the L Train to pick up a few timely first downs with his legs.

JMcB: 42-21. VPI.

True story from the last VT/UVA game I attended (at UVA):

“UVA Fan (to other fans): Who here scored higher than 1300 on their SATs!!! [Everyone cheers]. YEAH, go UVA!!!”

No words…

SHitzel: 31-20 hokies

Token Girl: 28-17 hokies! Thomas the Tank Engine will be crucial to winning the game…let’s beat those zima drinking, tie wearing cream puffs!

CGally: 34 – 17 Hokies. DMFW goes for 130 on the ground, and The Tank Engine gets 3 total. UVA “fans” go crying back to their lairs. I assume they’re all evil.

The Northerner: I think this is going to be a VT game early and often.  David Wilson is going to go batshit on all of them and The Tank Engine shows us why we love him.  Coale and Coles are each going to get a score.  VT 37 – UVA 17


There you have it, your predictions.  As always, throw yours in the comment section.

Gobble gobble, bitches.

Let’s Go Hokies!!

Game 12: UVA Predictions


We beat Miami at Miami.  Man does that feel good.  We also clinched the ACC Championship Coastal berth.  Feels even better.  Now we have our last regular season game against our most hated rival, UVA.  Sweet Cheesus I love this.  


First off, I have to say I am really excited for the winner of last weeks predictions for two reasons.  First, he nailed the score ON THE HEAD.  We haven’t had that in all my time of writing the prediction posts.  Second, the prize is the best yet.  So without further ado, the winner of this week’s prediction contest is none other than The Hokie Ambassador to Philly! And by guessing the exact score he wins:

A new set of Kitten Mittons!!  Now when you’re sleeping, you don’t have to worry about all the cats in the alley outside your window making a lot of noise!  Congrats man, enjoy!

Now onto your predictions!

BDubs: Tyrod’s last home game in Lane means trouble for the stumbling Hoos. He will account for 300 total yards and 4 TDs.  Our defense will force at least 4 turnovers and UVa will only muster 300 yards of offense.   We will send UVa crying all the way back to Charlottesville and keep on movin’ toward Charlotte.  Hokies 41, BooHoos 10

DiP: RMFW runs wild for 1 half then gets some rest 52-10 hokies

d_w: 48-6 hokies

BBull: 31 – 7 Virginia Tech. Jayron Hosley gets 2 picks to surpass Ron Davidson’s record for interceptions in a season (9), which has stood for 4 decades.

Wright: Aside from the distinction of being the best team in the Commonwealth, this is essentially a meaningless game for us. Dowling will get an early pick off of Taylor and UVA will lead 7-3 after first quarter, as our offense will have to play from behind yet again. Then the offense wakes up as we don’t want a JMU repeat, and Williams goes over 100 yards yet again. Tech wins big in the tune up, 38-13.

BDubs: you do know Ras-I Dowling is out of the year, right?  That happened a couple weeks ago.  C’mon MAN!

Wright: Really?? Well, can’t say I’m an avid Cavs follower. But let’s take 7 points off the board…Hokies 38-6!

Poppa Gally: My favorite line of all times:

“ Women at VMI……What’s next….MEN AT UVA??!!”

Tech blocks 2 kicks and wins without breaking a sweat!!! …. 38 – 10!!!!

CMU Football Analyst: 30 – 16 Hokies.  Thomas Jefferson cries.

Hokie Ambassador to Philly: Hokies roll 44-17. Tyrod gets 3 total, RMFW goes for 100 and 2 TDs, and even Logan Thomas gets in on the party.

Maniak: i predict the same margin as the mnf game..but they wont score 28.  lets go with 31-0

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Hokie Guru: As a Hokie, I’m so thankful on this Thanksgiving weekend to witness such a great group of seniors,  We’ve seen Tyrod Taylor and John Graves develop into NFL caliber talents and great citizens (and it’s BS that Chris Hazley is not a Groza award finalist).  Tyrod Taylor and RMFW will GO ABSOLUTELY EFFIN’ HAM.  In fact, I expect any Hokie running the ball to go ham (we might have two or three or even four 100-yard rushers).  Our run game is going to be so awesome, that Virginia will absolutely sellout half way through the game (after it’s too late).  Consequently, I expect Danny Coale andMarcus Davis to own the Hoos in the latter half of the game.  Further, I expect Andre Smith to get in the endzone, too.  Now, Virginia might some success running the ball in the first half, but Bud Foster’s defense will clamp down in the 2nd half.  Virginia is ranked 107th in the number of interceptions allowed; that trend continues lol.  Rock Carmichael and Jayron Hosley will have incredible days on the field.  Hokies 52 BooHooHoos 10.

Bobby the Ginger: VT 34 UVA 13.  The Commonwealth Cup will reside off of the correct Exit 118B for another year.  Tyrod and the rest of the seniors prove to be too much for the weak Wahoos (no surprise   here).  On to Charlotte…

GWay: Short and simple. Hokies 51-Douche on a Horse 24. Expect the second string somewhere in the third quarter.

MeetBag: Tyrod puts in 3 quarters of great work and leaves the game to a standing O… Hokies 55 – 20!

JMcB: Wilson, Evans, and RMWF all score TDs along with Tyrod throwing for 3. This is going to be absolute domination. 

VPI 49, UVA 14

Token Girl: i’m gonna go with 48-16 HOKIES

CGally: Glad to see Wright picked us this week. He’s like the female Heather Dinich.

Tech rolls and is up by 30 at half. Tyrod goes off for 4 total touchdowns, and Segeant Friday gets 3 sacks. Hokies 48 – 13.

The Northerner: Thanksgiving and the UVA game.  Is there any better time of the year?  This will be the first game in awhile that we DON’T start down after the first drive.  We will defer, but we will also stop UVA from scoring on the first drive.  Tyrod walks off the field in the third quarter to a massive standing ovation.  Logan “International Airport” Thomas goes deep for a touchdown at some point.  We roll into Charlotte looking for blood. 45-10 Hokies

So there you have it.  Our last regular season game, the last game at home for our seniors, and a big game against UVA.  This is a must win.  Let’s go boys.  Get it done.

Gobble gobble, bitches.


Game 12: UVA Predictions


The annual drubbing of UVA starts today at 3:30. Predictions after the jump… (spoiler alert: we all think Tech will win)


Last week had plenty of close predictions. Anytime Tech wins by 28 points, the predictions here at the NEZ are going to be close. Fair and balanced is not something we take to heart around here.

But coming out on top, with a 35-10 prediction, is our very own Northerner. Don’t congradulate him, he’s kind of a douche.

Being from the north, he has certain athletic allegiances. The Red Sox had a bit of a down year this year (i.e. didn’t win the World Series). So we figure he’d like to relive the season of a team that can get things done.

Enjoy it buddy. You would have gotten a dvd commemorating the Pirates season, but Deliverance wasn’t in stock.


Let’s roll the predictions. All come with a UVA kidney punching.

C Gally: 35 – 17, Cody Grimm eats 2 players, then delivers a baby on the sideline.

Poppa Gally: Women at VMI………….. What’s next… MEN AT UVA? VT 42- them 7…….and one blocked kick!!!!

The Bull: 38 to 10 Tech wins. The only sad part is it will likely be our last game against Al Groh.

Maniak: I will agree with Pat Forde of espn and go with 31-3.

The Northerner: VT 35 – Hoos 10. On the last drive of the game, UVA will be at our one yard line threatening to score. Foster sits the entire team, except for Cody Grimm. They hand the ball off to Mikell Simpson, who is promptly choke slammed at the 3. Game over.

Meet Bag: 31-13

G-Way: 41-6

The DiP: 27-10

The CMU Football Analyst: 29 – 12 VT , the cavs get 4 fieldgoals

Wright: Game is closer than expected, but VT wins 24-16. Ryan Williams adds 2 more TD’s to his season.

Bobby the Ginger: 42-10 Hokies. The Hokies will show UVa what their stadium actually looks like at
capacity. There is no joy in Hooville, mighty Al has struck out.

J-McB: 42-7. Groh must go

Hokie Ambassador to Africa Philadelphia: 41-6

For our guest prediction, we once again turn to Maryland fan/UVA grad Barry, who, as you can imagine, is a little disillusioned with college football. His prediction: a lot of “passionate” UVA fans walk away unhappy and forget why by the time they get in their car.

Love it.

Leave yours in the comments, as always.



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